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Do you want to double the amount of holiday gift card sales you did over last year?  Let’s decide to double our sales this year during this holiday season!  Isn’t it a cool idea to think of all your sales this way?  We can accomplish this task this year because we have the tools, we are starting early and we have the plan.  The following tips and techniques will set you on the right path to double your sales this Christmas!

Preparing for Christmas Sales 2016 – Start Now

Website – add a row of “sales space” under your main menu and before the featured image on your homepage.  You can feature a nice Christmas branding area here and drive them to your shopping cart to purchase online or to call and order at the pro shop!

Double your Gift Card sales this Christmas

Online Store – If you are utilizing your online store and have various gift cards set up as products use the URL’s of these products in your blog posts and email blasts to drive them back to buy!  Change the images now on these gift cards to brand them for Christmas.  If you don’t have an online store set up on your Teesnap website and you want one ACT NOW and Email Jodi to set this up!  Let’s get this done now in time for the holidays!

Blog Post – Set up a regular blog post about Christmas Git Cards.  Remember this controls all of your social media and will continually push this message out to your branded social channels.  Start slow with the frequency and then pick up the pace as Christmas draws near varying the message slightly each time.  Have a Goal to start near the middle of October and post once before November.  Then in November post once per week.  In December post once each week before the Holiday and twice during the last week before the Holiday.  This is not overkill, this is getting your marketing message in front of your buyers frequently enough for them to get to their tipping point to buy!

Want to set this up all at once and schedule the postings to drip feed at the exact dates and times you want?  See Andrea’s post on how to schedule blog posts and set up automation timing.

Email Campaigns – Mirror the blog posting and ramp up the number of communications along the same intervals.  Vary the look of your Christmas message changing out some of the images.  In November and December as you ramp up the deliveries vary the day of send and the time of day.  There are several schools of thought here.  If you send at 5am you’ll likely be first in the inbox.  If you send on Mondays in the am you might get overlooked as workers are back to work focusing on their tasks at hand.  After lunch some employees catch up on personal emails.  I like to vary the send times and day of the week to switch up when the messages get delivered to strike at different days and times.

In the design of your email always shave more than one link to your target product, in this case your gift cards.  Have a button in the hero image to “BUY”, and also include a hyperlink or two in the body of your email.  Don’t be shy to ask your customers to buy.  Encourage them to buy and send as gifts.  Encourage the senior males to tell their families “this is what I want for Christmas – something I will use”

In the Clubhouse – Create some flyers and keep them posted in the men’s and ladies locker rooms, on the handicap board and general traffic areas.  Don’t forget in the pro shop right near the front counter.

Train the Staff – Have the staff trained and ready to take orders over the phone and service the order, explaining to the customer how the Teesnap Gift cards work.  When purchased the customer on record in the shopping cart will receive the email with the Gift card unique identifier code included in an email.  This can be printed out and sent to that special golfer.  This is a great reason to start now!  Make sure the staff can do this when you are not present!

Good Luck this Holiday Sales Season.  Please contact us if we can help you get this plan in motion!