Is your course prepared with digital marketing strategies for Black Friday or Cyber Monday? If not, there’s still time to leverage this lucrative holiday. According to a recent Adobe report, consumer spending is projected to exceed $20 billion between Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year.

Major retailers have already begun teasing their online deals to capitalize on the surge of holiday cyber-shoppers. We strongly advise you to seize this opportunity to showcase your online store. Whether you’re selling apparel, gift cards, or memberships, Black Friday and Cyber Monday present significant revenue-driving opportunities. Even if your course is in the off-season, promoting gift cards can help keep your course top-of-mind for golfers eagerly anticipating spring.

In 2022, Teesnap courses that participated in Black Friday marketing generated an average of over $10,000 in online sales during the holiday weekend.

Here are 5 golf course offers that can help boost pro-shop revenue:

  1. Early membership renewals: Encourage golfers to secure their 2024 membership now and receive an extra month free.
  2. Range memberships: Offer a combined 2023 and 2024 range membership at a discounted price of $XX.
  3. Merchandise clearance: Provide substantial discounts on last season’s items, allowing online shoppers to grab great deals and making room for the upcoming season’s merchandise.
  4. Golf lesson packages: Introduce special offers on golf lessons to attract new players and keep your golf pros busy during the off-season.
  5. Discounts on gift cards or player passes: Keep your course at the forefront of customers’ minds as the spring season approaches.

To ensure the success of your sale, consider implementing the following marketing strategies:

You still have time to launch a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal this year. Teesnap provides a range of tools to support your marketing efforts. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the Teesnap Jump Start marketing program, where our experienced Marketing Advisors can design a customized campaign to boost your Black Friday sales event and help you achieve your end-of-year goals. The two-month digital marketing package will not only help you finish the year strong but also set you on the right path for the upcoming year.