One simple solution

We have created a revolutionary software platform that finally gives courses complete control of their data and frees them from the pitfalls of antiquated web-based solutions and legacy pricing.

Smarter data for smarter business

Teesnap provides tools that enable you to get to know your customers like never before.








A new technology experience

We provide everything you need to run your course on an iPad. Including the iPads. What else do you need once you become a Teesnap user? Nothing. We’ve put everything together in one package that you can run from anywhere. No more computers, no more wireless networks, no more IT hassles. Everything you need accessed from one place, anywhere in the world. Throw away all of the bits and pieces you’ve collected over the years and start again with golf course management software done right.

 Eliminate disparate systems

Software solutions have tried to present the industry with multiple solutions to tie all of this together, but it has only created more problems, more frustrations, and greater technology needs. For a golf course to have a technology solution that truly makes their lives easier, you need to have every tee time run through one database. As soon as you start to maintain more than one database, you’ve exponentially increased your workload and made automation, reporting and marketing impossible.

 No more bartered tee times

Think that trade times are a necessary evil? Think again. Trade times have been a disaster for the industry. They erode price stability and train your best customers to never pay full price. And it ends up costing the course a lot more than they think. With Teesnap, you take control of your customer database. Targeted marketing at the touch of a few buttons, all of your data displayed elegantly from one database. Teesnap has redrawn the map and given golf courses a simple and beautiful way to fill their tee sheets.