Snap Reservations

Book your simulator bays with Teesnap.

Extending your operations, hours and season with simulators? Teesnap has you covered.

Streamline bookings, expand revenue.

Integrate Simulator Reservations into your Point of Sale with Teesnap’s Snap Reservations. Whether booking one simulator bay or 20, Snap Reservations streamlines bookings, helps courses expand revenue and improves guest experiences.

Integrated directly into the Teesnap point of sale, Snap Reservations powers simulator reservations and more:

  • Configurable Simulator Reservation Settings

    Easily set time intervals, number of players & price by day.

  • Instant Visibility to Simulator Availability

    Staff has real-time visibility to simulator availability.

  • Online Simulator Booking Engine

    Invite guests to reserve a simulator online.

  • Best-in-Class Customer Experience

    Guests can check-in digitally, pre-pay, share reservations with friends.

  • Integrated Reporting & Payments

    Single point of sale to manage revenue, payments and more across your business.

  • Expanded Marketing Opportunities

    Capture simulator player data. Target marketing to simulator players.

Marketing Matters: Marketing is essential to business success.

 At Teesnap, Marketing is not an add-on or afterthought it is a central feature of our platform. Operators can easily build their consumer database, send personalized email campaigns, and keep guests coming back whether to play another round, have another round, or book another simulator experience. Teesnap helps you capture and leverage the right data, every time.

Teesnap is simply smarter technology.

Snap Reservations helps you reserve more business, every season.