The end of the year is a great time to reflect and celebrate the year’s successes while making plans for an even better 2024. As I look back at the collection of Marketing campaigns the Teesnap Golf Marketing Services Advisors, in collaboration with our golf course clients launched this year – I wanted to celebrate 5 Golf Course Marketing Efforts that helped courses drive greater rounds, revenue and relationships. 

Greater Rounds

Tapping into the power of word-of-mouth and referral marketing, Lancaster Golf Club’s Refer a Friend campaign deployed a time-tested tactic to boost season pass sales. Equal part retention effort for existing pass holders and pass holder acquisition effort, both working to ensure a brimming tee sheet. 
Lancaster Golf Club | Refer a Friend Program

In the Midwest, a golf season’s duration is as predictable as the weather. However, Christmas Lake leveraged the chance of snow and ice  as a fitting backdrop to their Nightmare Before Christmas Event. By making weather part of the challenge, the event attracted the most passionate player – excited to take on all of the elements – including the season’s toughest pin placements. 

Christmas Lake Golf Club | Nightmare Before Xmas Golf Event

Greater Revenue

I have to shine a spotlight on some standout Black Friday promotions. Thanks to tailored digital marketing efforts, golf courses experienced a surge in online sales, on-average generating one-day revenue totals in excess of $12,000. 2023 was one of the most successful retail events in Teesnap client history (read more). 

Chemawa Golf Course | 2023 Black Friday Promotion 

Greater Relationships

Edmunson Golf Course demonstrated its community spirit by organizing a Lions Scramble—an event that not only welcomed new players to its course but also encouraged everyone to contribute to a good cause. Merging the joy of golf with the power of doing good is an excellent recipe for building rounds and community relationships. Thanks to events like these, Edmundson has seen record-breaking attendance at all of their club-sponsored events this season.

Edmunson Golf Course | Lions Scramble

The Ridge Golf & Gardens extended the competitive spirit of its guests from the course to the clubhouse with an entertaining chili cook-off. While a five-alarm chili entry might have helped beverage sales, the real victory lies in extending the good times from the 18th tee to the 19th hole. It’s always a win when courses become the place to play and the place to be. 

The Ridge Golf & Gardens | Chili Cook Off

And while not every marketing tactic suits every brand, I wanted to showcase some of the creative ways courses drove rounds, revenue and relationships in 2023. Is there a tactic you’ve been wanting to try or a revenue goal you’re aiming for? Perhaps there’s a message you want to convey to your golfers, diners, or simulator players? We’ve got a treasure trove of ideas, coupled with strategic insights, data, talent, and time to bring your visions to life. Explore more about our comprehensive Golf Marketing Services or dive into our Jump Start program—a 60-day immersive experience designed to jump start the course’s 2024 marketing efforts.

Wishing you a joyful, healthy, and happy new year for everyone!

Megan Guidry
Account Supervisor
Teesnap Golf Marketing Services

Megan Guidry is a golf marketing professional with more than 12 years of golf marketing experience – including 9 years in green-grass marketing. Megan leads Teesnap’s team of Marketing Advisors dedicated to building high-performing, highly targeted campaigns for operators. From high level strategy, to digital expertise, to creative, Teesnap Golf Marketing Services deliver timely results for busy operators. 

“I adore my job. Each day, my team and I assist busy operators in achieving tangible results. Devoted to our clients’ success, we take pride in delivering expert advice, clever creativity, and targeted campaigns that tirelessly work for those we serve.”  – Megan