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This time of year is perfect for reflecting on and celebrating accomplishments, as well as setting goals for a better 2024. As we reflect on the marketing efforts implemented by Teesnap Golf Marketing Services in collaboration with our golf course clients, we wanted to highlight the marketing efforts that led to Edmundson Golf Course’s record-breaking season.

Greater Online Sales

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Thanks to tailored digital marketing efforts, Edmundson Golf Course experienced a surge in online sales during the holiday season.

Greater Tournament Participation

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Edmundson brought the competitive spirit of its course to the public through entertaining Golf Tournaments. The course experienced record-breaking attendance during the previous season as a result of events like these.

Greater Membership Sales

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Edmundson Golf Course prioritized keeping the love of golf alive even during the off-season. By hosting a Winter Open House, Edmundson demonstrated its commitment, welcoming new players to the course while also encouraging everyone to enjoy a fantastic day of fun and savings.

Increased Rounds

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Edmundson Golf Course sought innovative ways to enhance the overall golf experience for fathers and their families, with the added goal of increasing both rounds and revenue. Teesnap’s Golf Marketing Services played a key role in bringing the Father’s Day Campaign at the course to life.

Teesnap GMS immediately made a positive impact on our business. We started with the GMS option in the middle of the 2023 golf season and noticed a significant impact in our email and social media communication to our customers. We manage a 27-hole public facility in Southeast Iowa. Teesnap helped us develop and schedule a plan to timely communicate our events, golf shop specials, and other player development programming to our customer database. 

The results have been well worth the investment for our facility. We look at it as though we hired a marketing employee for a fraction of the cost. Every category of business that we have promoted with GMS has grown from our previous years business including tournament participation (up 25-30%) golf instruction including juniors, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other holiday season promotions (new revenue for us in 2023) and last but not least is our off-season annual holiday sale broke a long-standing sales record. 

We attribute these gains to a professional and timely scheduled marketing campaign that Teesnap GMS has delivered for our facility. We look forward to seeing what a full season of utilizing GMS can do for our facility in 2024. Matt Sherlock, PGA Professional General Manager Edmundson & Harvest Point Golf Courses Oskaloosa, Iowa.

Teesnap Golf Marketing Services assists courses generate marketing ideas to achieve their revenue and customer retention goals. And while not every marketing tactic suits every brand, we wanted to showcase some of the creative ways Edmundson Golf Course drove a record breaking season in 2023. Teesnap Marketing Advisors are on-call to create custom ideas and to bring your ideas to life. No time to market? We have the time and expertise to help you achieve your goals.