Teesnap is thrilled to welcome Keegan Brasch back to Teesnap as our Vice President of Client Success. Find out why Keegan is returning to Teesnap, his approach to client success, as well as his perspective on the greatest challenge facing operators.

What inspired you to rejoin Teesnap?

In an era where SaaS companies are shifting towards automated customer service solutions, I have been a perennial fan of Teesnap’s personalized approach to service. While Teesnap is intuitively designed and has self-serve support options, it has never abandoned its investment in building meaningful partnerships with operators. Teesnap clearly recognizes the pivotal role of human interaction in customer success. It’s this belief in teamwork and its ever-evolving technology that drew me back to Teesnap and back to serving operators. I’m excited to be here.

What are your goals?

My primary goal is for each client to look at Teesnap not as a vendor, but as a partner. It’s a big goal, but I know the team is up for the challenge. Partnerships are earned, and to be successful require our clients to know the priority we place on their business. Our clients’ success will underscore every decision we make and I’m excited for our team to deliver on this goal and drive meaningful results for operators.

What do you see as the most prevalent challenge facing golf operators today?

Innovation and evolution. It is the greatest opportunity for golf courses and the greatest challenge. Golf course operators, juggling various responsibilities and wearing many hats, benefit immensely from partners who can help them navigate these changes. From incorporating simulators into their business, eliminating the off seasons, to leveraging digital marketing to deliver personalized experiences, to acting on near real-time insights, to staying up to date on marketplace changes and regulations. And while our software is evolving to meet these new opportunities, we need to work with our golf course operators, so they know the tools available to them to thrive.

What innovations do you see on the horizon that you think will be game-changers?

The top three for me (in no particular order) are: