In the first quarter of 2023 Teesnap’s Product and Technology team was reorganized through a series of promotions and new hires. The team has brought positivity and energy to the job each day and clients are seeing early benefits and they’re looking forward to more in the future.

In late December of 2022, Jim Wood joined Teesnap as the VP of Technology and Product. Since then, he has made significant strides in enhancing the technology and product offerings at Teesnap. Read on for a recap of some of the key accomplishments made by his team during the first quarter of 2023.

Jim began his tenure at Teesnap by looking within the organization for budding technology stars. He elevated the roles of Ashley Stephens to Director of Product and Rhenius Vinoraj to Application Development Manager. These moves showed his confidence in the existing talent pool at Teesnap.

Wood’s 20-year experience in the golf technology community helped him build relationships that he utilized for Teesnap’s benefit. He listened to Teesnap client feedback and focused on enhancing the Business Intelligence (B.I.) team. As a result, he made three key hires aimed at improving every aspect of B.I., including report generation. As of March 31, 2023, the B.I. team is already 50% complete on their overhaul of the report generation and consumption project. This work will have a direct impact on the client experience by reducing admin time and improving time to value related to each report used by the Teesnap staff and client community.

With a refreshed and organized B.I team, attention was turned to the Infrastructure Systems team, and the results were impressive. The reorganization of this team moved the overall new technologist count to 10 plus. New ideas, new energy and a collective commitment to embrace the idea of being a client focused company are working. According to Wood, “What our new Infrastructure team has been able to accomplish in a short time is a testament to the talent level and the passion we’ve been able to uncover and attract. They are energized and making a very big contribution that is being felt throughout the organization.” The admin portal, booking engine, and reports platform experienced 100% uptime through all of Q1, not including scheduled maintenance periods. This is a testament to the team’s efforts and the positivity they bring to work each day.

In the first quarter of 2023, the technology team at Teesnap developed and released several new features for the client community. These include:

Teesnap added more options for clients with expanded intervals

 Adding enhanced tee time interval options, including 8-9 and 9-10 split intervals, can provide several benefits for Teesnap clients. First, this feature can offer more flexibility for golf course managers when building their tee sheets, enabling them to create tee times that better align with the needs of their golfers. Additionally, this feature can help golf courses increase revenue by filling in gaps in their tee sheet that may have otherwise gone unsold. It can also provide golfers with more options when booking tee times, increasing their satisfaction and likelihood to return. Overall, the enhanced tee time interval options can improve the experience for both golf course managers and their golfers, resulting in increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

The option to collect a credit card on file for the golf course tee time no-show/cancellation policy can provide several benefits for Teesnap clients. First, it can help golf courses reduce the number of no-shows and late cancellations, which can have a negative impact on revenue and resource planning. By requiring clients to provide their credit card details, golf courses can enforce their no-show/cancellation policy more effectively. Additionally, this feature can simplify the payment process for clients, enabling them to book their tee times and make payments with ease.

The beta rollout of new credit card readers with enhanced mobility options can provide several benefits for Teesnap clients. This feature enables golf courses to accept payments more easily and efficiently, reducing the time and effort required for payment processing. Accompanying software updates also have simplified food and beverage operations related to payments, split checks and more.

This provides several benefits for Teesnap clients. First, this feature can simplify the refund process for clients, enabling them to receive their refunds more quickly and efficiently. Clients no longer need to be physically present to receive their refund, which can save time and effort for both the client and the golf course. Additionally, this feature can enhance customer satisfaction by providing a more flexible and convenient refund option. It can also reduce the likelihood of chargebacks or other disputes, which can be time-consuming and costly for golf courses. Overall, the ability to refund payments to a credit card on file can streamline the refund process, enhance customer satisfaction, and reduce the risk of disputes for Teesnap clients.

Teesnap plans to release many new features and enhance some existing ones in the first half of Q2 2023. These include:

This integration can provide several benefits for Teesnap clients. First, it can increase the visibility of their tee times and enhance their chances of selling more tee times. By listing their tee times on popular marketplaces, Teesnap clients can reach a wider audience and attract new customers. Additionally, this feature can help golf courses fill gaps in their tee sheet, increasing their revenue and reducing the likelihood of unutilized tee times. Overall, the integration with GolfNow and other marketplaces can increase revenue, enhance visibility, and simplify the booking process for Teesnap clients.

Teesnap will complete several integrations in 2023 to provide clients with more options

Squeeze times refer to a situation where a golf course needs to or wants to add one or more groups to an area on the tee sheet already filled with golfers. Golf course managers have been doing this for years but general technology developers would not understand this practice without deep knowledge of the golf industry. By adding squeeze tee times it enables golf courses to manage their tee sheet more efficiently, providing a better balance of available tee times for clients. This can lead to increased revenue and potentially improved relationships with golfers.

3. Properly restoring Apple Wallet and Google Wallet tools, allowing golfers to save reservations in their digital wallets.

The benefit of properly restoring Apple Wallet and Google Wallet tools is that it enables Teesnap clients to offer a more convenient and seamless booking experience for golfers. By restoring these tools, golfers can save their reservations in their digital wallets, much like they do with airline reservations. It can provide an added level of convenience, as golfers can access their reservation information quickly and easily from their digital wallets. For Teesnap clients, this feature can enhance customer satisfaction and increase repeat business. Additionally, it can reduce the likelihood of booking errors or miscommunications, as all reservation information is stored in one easily accessible location.

Clients will have more options for receipt printers

 The benefits of providing a new option for receipt printers include making printers more accessible. In the printer industry, availability has become a growing pain point and by adding another printer, Teesnap is making it easier for clients to find the equipment they need, when they need it.  The Citizen CT-E651 printer is fast and comes with high-performance printing, enabling golf courses to print receipts quickly and efficiently. This can save time for golf course staff, allowing them to focus on other important tasks. Additionally, the high-performance printing can enhance the overall customer experience for golfers, reducing wait times and increasing satisfaction. For Teesnap clients, this feature can enhance the efficiency of their operations, reduce the workload for staff, and increase customer satisfaction. The Citizen CT-E651 printer can also be a more reliable and cost-effective option than other receipt printers, providing a more sustainable solution for golf courses.

The benefit of improving refund options is that it can provide more flexibility and convenience for both golf courses and their golfers. This feature can enable golf courses to offer refunds in a variety of formats, which can align with the preferences of their clients. For example, golfers who received a gift card as a payment can be refunded with a gift card, and clients who prefer to receive club credit can be refunded in that format. This can enhance customer satisfaction, as clients have more options to choose from when receiving refunds. Additionally, this feature can simplify the refund process for golf courses, reducing the time and effort required for payment processing. It can also reduce the likelihood of disputes or chargebacks, as clients have a greater degree of control over the refund format.

In conclusion, Jim Wood has jumped in and put together a fantastic team. That team’s impact on technology and product at Teesnap has been significant. Their early accomplishments have improved client, golfer and staff satisfaction at Teesnap. 

Accomplishments are not limited to the Product and Technology teams. The Teesnap team has been hard at work throughout the organization. The Implementation team has grown and reduced the all important time to live metric and Teesnap’s dedicated client success model is attracting new clients each week. Golf courses are choosing Teesnap based on the dedicated representatives assigned for marketing and product success. Watch this space for updates about the second half of Q2, 2023. That’s late May and June. In those six weeks we expect to deliver as many enhancements, if not more, then we’ll see in April. These are exciting times and well planned for the start of the 2023 golf season.