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Early Teesnap wins in 2023 inspired a Q&A interview with Jim Wood. Jim is the VP of Technology at Teesnap and he shares his insight and Teesnap vision in the following interview.

With extensive experience in golf technology and a passion for creating solutions that benefit both golf facilities and their customers, Jim is building a highly motivated and skilled team to drive product development and innovation. The team’s success in delivering multiple upgrades in just two months has led to excitement and anticipation for what’s next. In this Q&A, he shares insights on his key accomplishments in golf technology, the team he’s putting together, and his vision for the future of golf technology.

Q: You’re the first person with an extensive golf technology career to lead the technology team and product roadmap at Teesnap. Tell us about some of your key accomplishments in golf technology.

A: What an exciting time it is for Teesnap right now. I have great faith in this product and have a vision for what it will become. As the former Chief Technologist and Architect at EZLinks Golf, for over two decades, I developed a passion for the golf industry and dedicated myself to creating technology solutions that not only benefited our clients financially, but were also enjoyable to use. My notable achievements include developing the first standardized API for the golf industry, allowing third-party tee time integrators to make online guaranteed reservations, as well as creating the first real-time push-based API for multi-channel reservation availability and dynamic pricing distribution, which helped increase profits by allowing golf facilities to capture more consumer surplus through multiple distribution channels. In addition, I also designed a fully USGA-compliant handicap system and tournament management system to assist many statewide golf associations in progressing their technology portfolio. Additionally, I helped design a feature-rich golf lottery product and built numerous integrations to the electronic tee sheet and point of sale, enabling seamless communication with other systems via API’s. Also, I established a Business Intelligence unit that integrated our many solutions into a near real-time universal data reporting platform, allowing businesses to access enhanced data and grow their revenue and profits.

Q: You and your team have been able to release several upgrades in just two months. Tell us about the early success and how you were able to make it happen so quickly.

A: The key reason behind the successful upgrades can be attributed to the presence of a competent and energetic team. Upon joining Teesnap, it became apparent that we had team members were dedicated and efficient. We applied some added direction and broadened the focus beyond daily tasks. By analyzing the situation and developing a plan to deliver frequent updates, we addressed some of the challenges we were facing. I have brought in engaged experts to resolve issues that have been impacting Teesnap’s reporting performance for some time. In just a few weeks, we identified the root cause and are already implementing a plan to deliver exciting results. Thanks to a motivated product, development, and IT team, we are making progress with regular feature deliveries, as well as introducing our latest credit card reader that features useful tap and chip functionality. By actively listening to our clients, we are committed to delivering world-class solutions without making them wait for months between feature releases. We are enthusiastic about bringing even more value to our clients and helping them succeed. Having a motivated team is essential to achieving success, and we are undoubtedly moving in the right direction.

Q: With your fast success, everyone is wondering what’s next for March and April of 2023?

A: We are very excited to announce that we are opening up the Teesnap platform to multiple integrations this year, with our first major one being released in April. In response to client feedback, we are introducing new 8-9/9-10 intervals to help them manage their tee sheet more efficiently. We will also be incorporating additional support for a new Citizen receipt printer. Stay tuned for further exciting updates on our upcoming developments.

Q: All great leaders are a product of the teams they build. Tell us about the team you’re putting together and what you may be looking for in the near future.

A: One of my goals at Teesnap is to build a high-performing team that can deliver results. By fostering a collaborative environment for the team and encouraging effective communication, we reduce the risk of misalignment and misunderstandings that can lead to delays, rework, and errors. I am breaking down information silos that previously prevented being aligned on goals and also led to missing opportunities for innovation and improvement. We have also set clear objectives and goals for the coming year that will keep the team engaged and focused on tasks that add value to our clients. Delivering solid solutions also means that we need to have the right people working together. It is critical that the right skills exist within the team to lead in the right direction. I have already brought in some industry experts to assist with some of the most challenging issues that historically have been present in the Teesnap product, and they have already produced measurable results. I am committed to building a team of skilled leaders who possess the necessary expertise, experience, and collaboration skills to deliver results that meet our clients’ needs.

Q: Golf technology has come a long way in the last five years. What do you see for the future of golf technology?

A: One major trend in golf technology is the use of artificial intelligence (AI). In the future, I anticipate the golf industry will continue to embrace AI and use it to provide even greater insights into golfer behavior, revenue trends, and course utilization. With the vast amount of data available, golf technology has the potential to greatly benefit clients by providing predictive analytics and suggestions to help them become more efficient and profitable. Additionally, mobile technology will continue to be a significant aspect of golf technology, providing convenience and enhancing the golfing experience through mobile applications that allow golfers to book tee times, view course maps, access digital scorecards, and more. To remain competitive in this market, golf technology must also be accessible to integrations with other technologies, enabling clients to expand their business and run it more efficiently.

Under the leadership of Jim Wood, Teesnap has achieved remarkable success in delivering multiple upgrades in just two months. The early Teesnap wins in 2023 are just the beginning. We’re excited to see where 2023 takes us – stay tuned!