The Teesnap tee sheet is simple and easy to use.

Teesnap tee sheet screen

Your day at a glance.

Teesnap is built for speed and ease of use. With a native tablet app and the option to have always-on cellular data, your people are no longer tethered to a counter. Everyone now has access to the pulse of your course.

Teesnap tee sheet screen with frequent guest edits

Super fast player entry.

When adding golfers to the tee sheet, you’re able to view and quickly add frequent playing partners. Saving thirty seconds at each interaction can add up to significant time savings over the course of a day.

Teesnap tee sheet screen with reservation details

Innovations you’ll love using.

Our software was built to make your daily tasks easier, faster, and smarter. Once you use our software, you’ll wonder how you managed without it. Feb. 2023 comment on Facebook: “I can tell you after 3.5 Years I LOVE Teesnap tee sheet, marketing, website, and booking portal.”

Teesnap tee sheet screen with friend invitations

Sharing is caring.

Teesnap’s tee time booking engine makes it simple for golfers to invite their friends and colleagues. By integrating player-to-player invitations into the online reservation process, we’ve also made it easier for golf courses to capture new customers.

Automated updates.

We’re never content with the status quo. Enhancements and updates are pushed frequently and automatically… no IT staff required. In 2023, we added Jim Wood to our team. Jim is one of the preeminent leaders in the world of golf technology.

Other Features

27-Hole Starts
Need to set up 9- or 27-hole starts? It’s super simple.

Guest to Golfer
Quickly add more names to your tee sheet to capture the complete picture of every round played.

On Course Mobility
Take reservations and process transactions from anywhere, at any time.

Frequent Players
With the Teesnap tee sheet, the system recognizes the most frequent and most recent players for each golfer to make booking reservations fast and easy.

Repeating Reservations
Quickly and easily copy reservations to other days or repeat them for a set amount of time. No need to rebook from scratch.

Cart Number Assignment
Assign cart numbers to groups or individuals to track cart usage.

No Shows
Whether a player hasn’t paid for their round or missed their tee time, it’s all easily viewed on the tee sheet.

Group Bookings
Need to block off a whole range of tee times? Piece of cake.

I can tell you after 3.5 Years I LOVE the Teesnap tee sheet, marketing, website, and booking engine. Feb. 2023

Alex Weightman

The easiest POS I have used in my career, super simple back of the house and my old retired guys have no problems using the POS. Feb. 2023

Steven Landi

I can’t say enough about how happy we are with Teesnap! I had what I thought were high expectations for our Black Friday online sale and we did TRIPLE what I was hoping for! If you’re in the public course business and want some info, I’m always happy to chat!

Gary Deakyne

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