Search-Optimized Online Tee Times

A Uniquely Powerful Tee Time Booking Engine

Teesnap’s booking engine is built to make your golf course #1 in search results, on your terms. 


Mobile and desktop optimized tee time booking engine.

Golfer-friendly experience.  Capture critical golfer data. 

Mobile and desktop optimized tee time booking engine. Golfer-friendly experience.  Capture critical golfer data. 

Booking engine page on tablet screen.

All booking engines book rounds. 

The Teesnap Booking Engine is optimized to win rounds.  

Designed with search rankings in mind, the Teesnap Booking Engine includes terms to help your course appear higher when golfers search for you via Google or Bing. Higher placement often means increased revenue and more bookings.

The Teesnap Booking Engine makes booking easy. The intuitive design is easy to use on desktop or mobile devices. Golfers can easily select day and time of play, number of golfers, and browse and select tee times. Golfers can also save credit cards online, select a default card, and checkout without needing to re-enter payment information. Booking made easy.

Collect valuable golfer data with every round booked. Golfer data will help you improve your marketing, drive future rounds, and ensure each golfer has a winning experience. Send tee time reminders or information on lunch specials. Keep golfers informed about cart path rules or delays. Golfer data collected online is a powerful marketing tool. 

The Teesnap Booking Engine can capture more revenue. Customized to your preferences, you can choose to include No-Show fees or offer Pre-Payment options through the booking engine. The Teesnap Booking Engine puts you in control. 

Tee Sheet

  • From engine to tee sheet, 24/7
  • Stay Connected with LTE and Wi-Fi
  • Tracks golfers spending, no shows, and play history
  • Easy-to-use iPad app for employees
  • Tracks when and where the tee time reservation was made (web, phone, internal, etc)
  • Golfers can book and view reservations remotely on any browser platform

Smarter Data In Every Transaction

  • Collect data automatically. Customer transactional data is tied directly to marketing activities.
  • Set it and forget it. Automated emails based on customers purchase behavior.
  • Increase recurring revenue. Get your golfers to play more often and increase their spend.
  • Customer data is tied directly into marketing activities…no importing/exporting of data needed.

Your course, your terms.


Add marketing messages to your booking page so your customers don’t miss any important information or hot deals!


Connect Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel with ease to track the success of your marketing campaigns.


Custom domains and strategic H1 text drive your Teesnap booking engine above competitors in Google and Bing search results.