Let’s face it, there are many different types of golfers out there.  Some golfers are avid with low scores and enjoy a challenge. Then, there are some who enjoy the game, but have never really mastered it.

It’s important to make sure your marketing is attracting the type of golfer you want at your facility.  Without this information, you’re wasting valuable time and money in your marketing.

Your marketing strategy will vary depending on your Perfect Golfer.

Golfer Types and Attributes

  • Daily Fee
    • Avid/Pro
    • Beginner
    • Social
  • Resort Golfer
    • Once a year
    • Destination
    • Multiple times a year
  • Member
    • Looking for best bang for buck
    • Private club
    • Social Club
    • Events
    • Privileges

Once you know that, you’ll be able to answer many questions about your marketing.  Write the story of your perfect golfer.

  • Where does he live?
  • What kind of home does he have?
  • Does he have children?
  • Does she work?
  • How many hours does she work?
  • What type of social media does he use?
  • How long does he play?
  • What other types of events does he want from your golf course?
  • Does he enjoy tournaments?
  • What’s his handicap?
  • What does he wear?
  • How much money does he spend in the Golf Shop?
  • What type of food does she eat?

Your Perfect Golfer

Give your Perfect Golfer a name, so that he’s easy to visualize.  Once you know the characteristics of your perfect golfer, then you can write and create content for your marketing much more easily.

If your perfect golfer isn’t on Twitter, then your golf course doesn’t need to make that be your main focus in your marketing.  If you like to eat cod, it doesn’t make sense to go fishing where there aren’t any cod.

When you go to plan your marketing calendar, you can ask the question, “Would Joe Golfer enjoy this?”  If the answer is “No,” then don’t include it in your calendar.

For instance, if you’re trying to attract a younger generation of golfer, then you need to look at your marketing strategy to determine if you’ve provided activities that appeal to that younger golfer.  Design a Perfect Golfer that has attributes that you’re trying to attract, then create a marketing strategy around him.

If your golf course wants to attract golfers who have families, then create a Perfect Golfer profile of someone who has kids.  What to they prefer to do? Where do they hang out? What gets them to spend their money at your course?

Most Important Thing to Remember

This is the single most important activity for you to do.  You need to be very specific in the attributes of your perfect golfer.  Your perfect golfer will tell you want is needed in your business.  You’ll know what projects to put in the budget and what types of clinics you need to offer.  She’ll tell you what specials will work best and the style of clothing to offer in your Golf Shop and which social media outlet to use the most.

Find Your Perfect Golfer and get some serious business questions answered.