Smart food and beverage golf software.

Yeah, that’s
the ticket.

For a busy kitchen staff, our simple and intuitive food and beverage golf software makes it possible to juggle many tasks. From bundles to billing, to tickets and tabs, everything you need to keep things running smoothly can be found in Teesnap.

Keep tabs on everything
going on in the kitchen.

Opening tabs benefits you and your restaurant guests. Your golfers can open tabs on the golf course, and carry them seamlessly into your restaurant for a truly customer-centric experience. Whether printing tickets or running completely digitally, your operation will run smoother than ever.

food and beverage golf software for burgers and more

Just the tip
of the iceberg.

Speed up your ordering process with product modifiers and configurable menu items that help your restaurant service every customer need. Teesnap’s food and beverage solution allows for both pre-set modifiers and custom requests. Whatever your service supports, Teesnap supports. It’s all there, from medium soda to medium rare.

robust food and beverage golf software

Bundle up.

Create food combinations, or promotional bundles from your food and beverage catalog with ease. It’s a great way to streamline operations, process common orders quickly, and easily introduce premium or discounted pricing on complimentary products.

split tickets with food and beverage golf software by Teesnap

A fulfilling experience.

Send your beverage tickets to the bar and your food tickets to the kitchen, all through one seamless mobile interface. Our iPads serve as order fulfillment screens so your staff can work paper-free, or wirelessly print tickets when needed.

Super simple splitting.

The complexities of splitting a table’s check at the end of a meal can frustrate even the most experienced wait staff. Our food and beverage golf software makes splitting up the bill easy for a variety of common scenarios: split by total, split by item, and split by payment.

Tipping made easy.

Accepting tips is crucial to many golf course businesses. That’s why we’ve made it easy to process tips on both the iPad and printed bills. Teesnap enables you to keep your customers and wait staff happy.

"My GMS rep, Cam, has been nothing short of fantastic for us since day one. He was even emailing me back and forth when his wife was in labor! Talk about going above and beyond!! I don't know why anyone doesn't get the full package with Teesnap. You all are what made this changeover so much easier than it could have been!"

Ed GatlinOwner/Operator, Van Zandt Country Club

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