What is Teesnap Doing?

From the very beginning of Teesnap, the vision has been to disrupt the golf technology space with new and innovative ideas. For five years the golf industry has embraced this vision and helped to propel us to be the fastest growing golf software company in our space.

In December, an email was sent to Teesnap golf course customers without context from our parent company.  We did not include our golf courses in our long term vision of putting more golfers on your tee sheet using our available resources.  

Since then, we listened to feedback, assembled the Teesnap team, and went back to the drawing board to design the program with its original intent.

Our goal is very simple.  We want to drive more rounds of golf into your facility using all of our resources.

In its simplest form, we want our Teesnap golf courses to have access to Allegiant’s customers who live in your area as well as potential destination markets. We believe that by using this resource, we can have a major positive impact on your tee sheet.  Your golf course would have exposure to travel plans of thousands of people with the ability to market to those who are traveling to or live near your course. Imagine what could happen to your golf course’s tee sheet when it is able to market to customers who use the travel industry!

In an effort to keep the golf industry better informed, Teesnap wants to provide its current action plans.

  • We have removed all errors from our previous rollout, so all communication from this program will come from the golf course directly after you have opted in.
  • Teesnap is launching a pilot program in order to gain better insight.  All golf courses who use Teesnap software will receive within the next week an email that explains this pilot program.  Teesnap golf courses will be able to apply to become a part of this pilot program.
  • Once the pilot program is complete and we have real data, we will roll out the program to all of our golf courses who have opted in.
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