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We are excited to announce one of our new golf course partners, Dominion Meadows. With a busy pro shop and apparel line, they are excited about tracking customer purchases using Teesnap’s Point of Sale.

Dominion Meadows Golf Course

Built in 1950, Dominion Meadows is one of Washington’s Hidden Gems. When you play there, it is surrounded by nature and provides a feeling of home. The par 72 golf course is 6,743 yards.

They are located just off the Columbia River not far from the Canadian border. The entire staff is made up of the Hite family and volunteer members. Being a family owned business means that everyone helps. When you come to play, you can always find someone from the family around. It adds to part of the charm of the course that make it feel like home. The Hite kids have their own golf apparel company (Just Rip It) which is sold in the Pro Shop.

Just Rip It has a popular line called Slacker.

Slacker: Inspired by the Flannel culture in the Pacific Northwest, named after the Slacker Generation movement, this Polo is one of a kind.

Their merchandise line is impressive and golfers flock there to buy clubs and apparel.

Be sure to check out their golf apparel line Just Rip It – Golf is more than a game, it’s a lifestyle. It is very popular among locals.

Do you have a busy Pro Shop?

Teesnap’s Golf Course Management System allows golf courses to run like clockwork. Our tee sheet software makes for easy golfer check in and our golf point of sale system will help to track your golfer’s purchases allowing you to send custom emails from our integrated email marketing tool.

Track golfer behavior to send emails based on their spending habits.

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