Teesnap Welcomes Lakes Wales C.C. & Oakwood Golf Club

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The implementation of the week comes to you from Lakes Wales, FL.  This dual course implementation, Lakes Wales Country Club and Oakwood Golf Club, are two very different clienteles despite being next door to each other.  Lake Wales C.C.. is owned and operated by Ronnie and Shannan Mackail, husband and wife, who have lived in the area for a number of years, and saw an opportunity to purchase the country club from Golf Visions Management Company, considering Ronnie’s father had already owned the neighboring course, Oakwood Golf Club.

Golf Vision, at the time, was looking for at a builder before the Mackail’s brought an offer to the table.  Being that golf and Lakes Wales had a special place in the Mackail’s heart, they purchased the country club to help save the homeowners property values, bring the community back together, and in addition, create an opportunity for their members at Oakwood to benefit by having a second, sister course to play.  Despite the fact that Lake Wales was in distress and in need of major repairs, they couldn’t pass up the deal of a lifetime and the opportunity to give back to the community.

During the acquisition, they had not operated with any electronic tee sheet or point of sale.  Eager to get going and operating asap, they stumbled across one of the major players over the past 20 years in the Tee Sheet & Point of Sale arena for the golf industry.  However, they quickly learned they were not very helpful after install, and found their software solution to be outdated and antiquated considering it is the 21st century, however, like most golf operators and owners, didn’t think there was a modern solution for the golf industry.

That’s when Stuart Proctor, a former Enterprise Sales Representative & now Manager of Managed Marketing Services, stopped by one Friday afternoon to meet with the Mackail’s.  They instantly saw the value of Teesnap, in both the 100% mobile and wire free iPad Tee Sheet & POS software, and even more value in the fact that our marketing tools were built on the same platform, meaning all the data collected can be marketed on a very granular level.  They were introduced to data driven marketing, something the golf industry hasn’t heard of, and no other company is able to perform.

After the implementation, the Mackail’s were thrilled by the face to face customer interaction, freedom to check in customers in any location without being tied to the counter, and they see the clear path of how we help courses THRIVE.

We want to thank this week’s implementation representative, Tylor Arnold & Joe Carrafiello, with just another successful on-boarding!

Thank you Lake Wales, Oakwood, and the Mackail family for joining the Teesnap family!

From your partner, the Teesnap Family

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