Teesnap Welcomes Gold Hills & Shield Crest Golf Courses

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This week for our “Implementation of The Week,” we welcome both Gold Hills Golf Club & Shield Crest Golf Club, located in Northern California and  Oregon.  Considering they are 144 miles apart, one in Redding, CA and the other in Klamath Falls, OR, they haven’t always been on the same page with the administrative offices and management team working strictly out of Gold Hills Golf Club.  Our very own Ryan Payne, on our implementation team, was onsite and mentioned how excited that this was about to change with the addition of Teesnap.

Both courses had installed older and outdated software over a decade ago, and are excited to have our mobile, cloud based system and having the ability to analyze data from both courses from a remote location in real time.  What they are even more excited about, is being able to do this at a super admin level, without the worrying about sharing all of their management level data with all employees.  Unlike before, they now have the ability to analyze data, and use that data with our marketing tools to make adjustments, again in real time, to increase rounds and revenue for both courses.

Within only a week of installation, they have started seeing the “mess” between management, communication, and disconnect between the two courses become more organized and cleaner and Ryan believes that the Shield Crest team, along with the Teesnap tools, will show management at Gold Hills, just how amazing they are.  We are happy that we have added two more course partners and the entire team is proud to welcome you to our family!

From your partner, the Teesnap Family

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