Teesnap Welcomes Coldwater Golf Links

By December 18, 2018 No Comments

This week for our “Implementation of The Week,” we welcome Coldwater Golf Links, a public golf course and driving range, located in Ames, Iowa.  Back in early September, Coldwater Golf Links started to look for a new point of sale for their operation. Barrett Randall, manager at Coldwater Golf Links headed up the search. He was looking for new tee sheet functionality that would allow him to manage is his day to day operations easier and wanted a point of sale to help their facility capture more data and increase his revenues.

There were two driving factors that prompted his desire to change from what he was currently using:

  1.  The high cost for their current pos system.
  2.  To have better control of their data and personally own the golfer.

After local Sales Representative, Ben Cruise stopped by, he was sure he had made the right decision.  Ben showed him the number of tools and resources he would have at his fingertips to capture data and be able to manage his facility better than ever before.

We at Teesnap can’t wait to see how Coldwater performs in their first full season, and see their growth in both customer service and revenues.

From your partner, the Teesnap Family


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