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Teesnap Partners aims to identify forward-thinking solutions that complement Teesnap’s focus on putting their customers in control. Teesnap is building more than just an apparatus to simply process transactions for our customers, we create meaningful engagement and effective competitive advantages for our clients.

Current Partners:

Infinity Cubed Solutions – With 25+ years of golf related experience, let Infinity Cubed Solutions work for you. Whether your club is public, semi-private or private we can show you how our specialized procurement solutions can help you save money while providing a relationship, quality based service that will help with bottom line revenue growth and controlled costs.

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Heartland Payroll – Flexible and simple to use, Heartland Payroll eliminates the hassle and confusion often related to workforce administration. They put everything in one easy to use portal with a wealth of resources at your fingertip to take the guess work out of onboarding, payroll, compliance, timekeeping, and general HR support.

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Heartland HR – Our custom-built HRIS solution integrates directly with our payroll system to offer you and your employees personalized support, 24/7.

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