Spring Cleaning

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Spring is in the air, flowers will be blooming, the masters is right around the corner, and operations are about to ramp up. It’s the time for our northern partners to get back to the club and start preparing for play.  For our sunbelt clients, its time to try to get rejuvenated, to find new energy, to prepare for the dull-drums of the long summer ahead.

I love the spring because it always felt like a new start.  Like the beginning of a new round or the back nine or a bad one. If you are a northern property or a sunbelt, there are a few things you can do this spring to be ready for summer.  Here is a quick list of things to consider in your operations and in the Teesnap ecosystem.

The Back Office
I’ve been to many pro shop and general manager offices during my time in the business.  I’ve seen good ones and some really bad ones. Which one do you keep at your facility?  Be mindful that the condition of your office is a reflection on you and your operations.  Keep un-opened inventory, clubs, and other clutter free from sight.  Remember that your office is a sales environment for tournaments, events, and leagues. The condition of your office will also rub off on your staff, so keep it clean, and if it needs some TLC, do it now while you have some time.

Curb Appeal and First Impressions
Make sure the clubhouse is ready for opening day. Clean fresh and friendly! Work with your superintendent to make sure all touchpoints on the way in are clean, trimmed and if applicable plant flowers and make sure curb appeal looks good!

Tee Sheets
Spring is a great time to look at your tee-sheets.  Before you start this season take a fresh look at when your mornings start, tee time intervals, price breaks during the day. Maybe it’s a time to look at your pricing strategy and line up your tee sheets to reflect it.

Player Profiles
Spring is a great time to go over your customer profiles.  As your staff is adding customers to the database there is an opportunity to segment or tag your additions on entry.  Spring is a great time to look at your defined segments and create new ones as necessary.

Take a look at all of your products and services with a fresh look.  Include everything from your price of tees to snacks and sweets, chips, soda, and all menu offerings. Leave no stone unturned.  Ask others to gauge if you think you might not be sure what to charge.  Do some homework, call and visit other shops and restaurants to gauge the commodity prices.  If you haven’t raised prices in a while consider it.  If you haven’t re-engineered your menu in some time this it the perfect time to do it.

Renewed Commitment to Social Media
Don’t be left behind this year.  Engage with your customers like never before.  Get excited about this important part of your marketing plans.  Talk to Teesnap about having us help you.  At a minimum choose an employee at your club to be the content creator.  There is so much awesome social media content that golfers love to see when they check their social media accounts. It will keep your brand in front of them all, more then ever!

Promo URL’s & Channel Pricing Management
If you don’t understand how you can utilize Teesnap’s promo URL’s please reach out to your AM (account manager), they are here to assist you in understanding all things Teesnap.  Take a peak at our webinar on the topic here:  Build new tactics into your game this year!

Segmenting your Data in Teesnap Campaigns
One of the most powerful marketing tactics for 2019 is to send more frequent communications to smaller more targeted segments of your database this year! When used in conjunction with your Promo URL tool and Price Channel management you’ve got an extremely powerful set up that runs off of your day to day usage of Teesnap.  Also, dive into this webinar to freshen up your understanding of how this can work for you.

Make sure you are fully stocked.  Take a look and make sure you have ample supply of the balls you carry.  Make sure you have a full-size run of all your basic color solid shirts.  If your ordering is not done for the first two months of the season, start making phone calls now. Take a peek at your size runs, make sure all of your items are stocked up!

This should be done already for 2019, but if it is not, jump in and start completing this.  Take your historical actuals for the past three years and get them in a format that will allow you to measure your forecasted 2019 results next to them to see the differences.  Where you are going to manage expenses better than in years past and where your growth will come from on the revenue side.  Look at all assumptions and relate them back to operational decisions and strategies. Work with your team to have everyone own the budget.  It can’t just be top down. Include all of your key players.

Call a staff meeting to engage with all of your employees.  Get them excited about the vision for the year.  Bring the team into your goals and new standards! Show them what you want, you can’t expect them to just know, you’ve got to bring them in and get them excited about the operations.  Always relate to “the why”.  Make it friendly and including. After all, you are not at the club 100% of the time.  Empower them to make decisions to solve problems, when you are not.  Improve service this year!

Comp Study
If it’s been a while since you checked up on the competition, renew your rate study.  Call and ask about membership prices, daily fee rates and familiarize yourself with the competition.  Are your prices in line?  Are you positioned where you should be?  Ask yourself the hard questions.  Are you better than they are?  Where does your course fall into the mix?  How can you get better?

Your Website
Take a fresh look at your website. When was the last time you had new and fresh photos done? Did you or your staff post to it enough in 2018? Let’s get posting’s on a schedule.  Challenge your staff for content.  Remember that golfers love golf stuff, so don’t hold back!

Let’s make 2019 an awesome year together!

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