The University of Wisconsin Stout has a great golf course management program.  I have even had the privilege of having one of their students intern at my family’s golf course.  He was wise and eager to learn about the business of golf.

Students are taught:

  • Events management, such as tournaments, league play and golf outings
  • Food and beverage management
  • Turf management
  • Selection and maintenance of equipment and supplies needed to keep your courses in prime playing condition
  • Retail sales
  • Service management
  • Marketing your courses effectively to create customer loyalty and recruit new customers
  • Human resource management

As a part of the program, vendors are asked to be included so that students are well rounded when they graduate with some basic knowledge of the many software and golf applications available in the market.

The program’s professor, Dr. Kristine Schnoover, had this to say about Teesnap’s presentation.

Allison and Joe,

Thank you for taking time out of your schedules to be with our students. The foundation of Teesnap by leading for service to guests and data analytics is so needed within our industry.

Allison, always helpful tips and full of ENGERY!

Thank you both. Students will be working next week in class on the materials and concepts presented.

Thank you again and again!

Dr. Kristine M. SchoonoverAssociate Professor

The local sales rep for Teesnap, Joe Pink, taught the basic functionality of Teesnap using demo iPads while I taught the marketing component of Teesnap.  There were about 35 students who attended.

Because my session was remote, I was able to record it.  If you’re curious about why I love Teesnap this is a great demonstration of the power in what it can do for your golf course!

It’s a little over an hour, but jam packed with tips on how to segment your database, send emails, create automation in your business and how to invite your golfers to play your course.