The Golf Industry recently launched a national campaign of Make Golf Your Thing. This is unlike any other initiative that the golf industry has created. First, it has been endorsed by all associations, vendors and organizations within golf. It was created by golf operators, PGA Professionals, the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, NGF, USGA as well as countless other organizations who are working together to make golf a more welcoming sport.

In 2020, golf began experiencing a boom and the golf industry came together to provide golf courses with a way to make the invitation to play golf last.

Unlike previous initiatives, it is up to the golf course to decide how it wants to participate. There are no set prices, no discounts and no set deals. It’s simply an invitation to play golf.

Golf looks different to many people. No matter if you’re a scratch golfer or someone who chips in your backyard, you’re a golfer. We want to celebrate that!

Marketing Ideas

Here’s some marketing ideas that are being initiated for Make Golf Your Thing:

TopTracer Range

  • Weekly giveaway when they take a selfie showing how they #makegolfyourthing on their social channels

Fore the Ladies

Fore the Ladies is an organization that attracts ladies who have never played golf before and provides them access to golf courses who are welcoming. They have branded their content with #makegolfyourthing

Top Golf

Top Golf directs users to a Make Golf Your Thing landing page where they capture their data and provide them with a coupon to come play.

Golf Operators Around the Country

  • Junior Drop in Clinics
  • Member Drop in Clinics
  • Facebook videos with golfers saying “Make Golf Your Thing”
  • Junior Programs

Simply use what you’re already doing with the slogan of Make Golf Your Thing

PGA Section

  • Host free events with complimentary lesson
  • Attendees fill out a form (you capture data to re-market) with changes to win prizes

Club Corp

  • Crush It – Club Corp’s Junior Golf Program
  • Monthly subscription that includes lessons and golf

Club Corp took something they were already doing and re-branded it with the Make Golf Your Thing logo.

Download your Toolkit with more ideas and ways to implement at your golf course today. The toolkit includes ways to improve your SEO on your website, how to take advantage of the Make Golf Your Thing YouTube channel, digital assets and more.

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