Support Consultants are responsible for collecting golf course information, on-boarding golf courses and installing Teesnap, training course employees and administrators, and providing on-going support for client courses. Portfolio and time-management skills are imperative. Interpersonal skilled are required. This job will require travel.

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Job Type: Full-Time

Job tasks include but are not limited to:

• Work closely with sales reps to secure and grow clientele portfolio
• Collect relevant golf course information for on-boarding clients
• Submit and update all relevant information internally
• Create and manage all applicable client account channels
• Prepare all applicable hardware pieces and install, load, and test course-specific Teesnap software solutions on applicable iPads
• Present all hardware with installed software to golf courses
• Create flight plans and hotel/rental car accommodations in a timely fashion
• Fully train course employees and administrators on the Teesnap ecosystem
• Provide on-going support for live golf courses (sometimes on weekends as well)
• Gain masterful knowledge of all things Teesnap
• Organize and manage an abundance of client accounts
• Expect to travel at least 75% of the time (sometimes on weekends as well)
• Keep a consistent line of communication with your Support Manager

Job Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree or higher

Qualifying Skills and Attributes

• Self diligence
• Constructive with a positive and forward-thinking attitude
• Time-management skills
• Portfolio/multi-account management skills
• Critical thinking skills
• Excellent problem-solving skills
• Exceptional interpersonal and presentation skills both one-on-one and in small groups
• Must be willing to travel
• Must have a general understanding of and proficiency with technology
• Basic skills with Microsoft Office

Extra Points

• Knowledge of the golf industry
• Strong proficiency with Apple products
• Sales/Support/Consulting background

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