How to Guide for Using Facebook Live

Facebook Live is different from uploading a video to Facebook because your viewers can watch it live and ask questions in the comments.

That’s what makes it a great way to communicate with your golfers when they can’t be there in person.  The best part about Facebook Live is what happens after your broadcast! Facebook will continue to push out your video to an even bigger reach.

For a printable version of these instructions, click here for download.


  • Intro – who are you 2-3 sentences
  • Hook – tell your viewers the topic of the broadcast
  • Story – tell story around context of your topic
  • Teaching Points – 2 – 3 points, share insights, use examples
  • Prepare a simple outline – don’t ramble
  • CTA – how you close matters.  Tell people what to do next.
  • Remind people to comment and share!


  • If directing people to a direct link on your website, make it easy.
  • Make a small outline of topics you want to cover
  • Be authentic. You’re going to mess up, but that’s because you’re human


Are you nervous about going live?  Try something that only you can view.  This provides you with some comfort level.

Open up Facebook and tap on the Live button

Change the settings of who can view the Facebook Live by tapping where you see the people icon with the word Friends.

Change the settings to Only Me.  This allows you to try Facebook Live, but it is only being broadcast so that you can view it.

Tap on Start Live Video

When you’re done trying the video, tap on the Finish button.

When you’re finished, it will end the video.  At that time, you’ll be able to change the setting if you weren’t embarrassed by your performance.  If you’d like to practice again or see how it looked, then you can view your video on your Timeline, but with the settings set to Only Me, you are the only one who can view it.


  • Preparation
  • Ongoing Engagement – chat with your audience
  • Good lighting – If possible do it outside or near a window with good lighting
  • Call to Action – send them somewhere!!
  • Let go of perfectionism
  • Consistency


  • Phone
  • Tripod

While a tripod isn’t needed, it helps viewers to have a more enjoyable experience with less phone movement.


Now that you have done your practice run, it’s time to broadcast this on your business Facebook Page.  If you’re using Facebook Live for paid teaching practice, then you’ll want to create a Facebook Group just for your Lesson Participants or Members.  That will make it so only those people who have paid for your lessons are able to view them.

Teesnap recommends keeping track and communicating with your business Facebook followers by using the Facebook Pages app.

Once in the app, you can see your business Facebook Page.

Write a message that describes the content of your Live Feed where you would write a normal post.  When complete, tap on Add to your post


Select Live Video as your add on to your post


From there, the steps are the same as in your Test Run!

Voila!  You’re communicating and engaging with your golfers in real time during a time of social distancing.

There’s good news.  If you are totally embarrassed or everything goes south, you will be able to delete the video from your feed.  Just remember that we are all human and we all make mistakes.