How the Power of Teesnap Generated an Additional $101,000 in Six Months!

In August 2018, Teesnap had a unique opportunity.  Teesnap’s parent company, Allegiant Travel Company, purchased a golf course in Florida called Kingsway Country Club. The course will serve as golf inventory for Sunseeker Resort, a $420 million resort property located in Port Charlotte Florida, that is currently being built.

This purchase allowed Teesnap to immediately put in place a full court press using all of its marketing abilities that are aimed to drive revenue.  In doing so, Teesnap had a great testing ground of what type of impact is possible at a golf course that had previously been on a trade tee time model.

Let’s take a look at the reporting structure and data collection that had previously been in place at Kingsway.


Prior to using Teesnap, Kingsway was using GolfNow for trade times and GolfNow’s Call Center.  When a golfer booked using GolfNow, it went into its Fore! Reservations tee sheet in the Pro Shop.   At check in, the staff at Kingsway would right click to mark the golfer had checked in, then ring up the sale using Jonas Software. There was no tie between customer and sales, no tracking.

During the acquisition, Teesnap’s management went into discovery mode to find  all data that might be available for future marketing use.

We found an email list on Constant Contact of 1,000 people that had been created more than ten years previously from an old and antiquated website. This is the only data that Kingsway thought it had.

Next, the focus was on the Fore! database.  Queries were performed on the customer file inside of GolfNow’s database. This allowed Teesnap to isolate the golfers who never gave Kingsway any money because they were all Last Minute Golfer or Trade Time purchasers.  This created a list of “cheap” golfers that the Managed Marketing Services (MMS) team could use for segmented marketing right out of the gates.

Queries were also performed to help create an average rack rate that golfers had spent at the club.  After some digging, Teesnap was able to pull an additional 6,500 names from the database that Kingsway had never used in its marketing. Prior ownership did not know they even existed!

After some research and analysis of the data, it was determined that Kingsway had been effectively paying roughly 5% of its overall income in trade times for all of the services that GolfNow was providing.  In the meantime, there were no systems in place to upload any data into an email marketing service in order to effectively market to their golfers.

Once Teesnap had the available data, it was ready to set its plan in place.

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Day one of the Teesnap conversion occurred in September 2018 which is historically the slowest month of the year for Florida courses.  Teesnap made some immediate changes which they had previously prepared the golfers and members of the club by sending out emails, posting signs and table tents around the club.

  1. Kingsway went to a cashless model.  This meant that all transactions are now plastic.
  2. All members were required to have a credit card on file, so their accounts could be automatically reconciled at month end.  This meant that Kingsway was no longer acting as the bank to its members by carrying over accounts receivables for 60 and 90 days.
  3. Teesnap raised the rates for walk-ups and call in tee times and used Teesnap’s channel pricing to provide a $5 discount for tee times that are booked online. This small change resulted in an increase from 10% of its tee times booked online to an average of 34%.
  4. A redesigned SEO optimized website which included an online store was put in place.
  5. Kingsway began using Teesnap’s MMS team.  The MMS team created a strategy, maintains and updates the course’s website and online store, manages email and promotional items, updates social media accounts and created Facebook’s Messenger Marketing service on Kingsway’s Facebook page, all in conjunction with the course’s overall marketing strategy.


Kingsway also served as testing ground for a PILOT PROGRAM that Allegiant Travel Company and Teesnap is developing which leverages the marketing reach of the airline and makes it available to Kingsway’s tee sheet.

All inbound travelers into Punta Gorda on Allegiant, get two confirmation emails.  In each of these emails, there is a banner ad for “Interested in Golf?” followed by a link to the tee time booking path. Kingsway has seen an increase in foot traffic that is being driven by this additional marketing.  In addition to the email confirmations, there are email campaigns sent to identified golfers in market.

Teesnap will be offering this feature to all of its clubs at the completion of the Pilot Program which is set to include several other Teesnap courses.  

“The focus of Teesnap has always been how it can use modern technology to help drive revenue to its golf courses. Kingsway has been a super rewarding opportunity for us as we can truly use all of our weapons to increase sales!  We are combining the power of our data collection within the app, our Managed Marketing Services team for strategy and execution, and the marketing reach and power of the airline through the Pilot Program. It is a true case study for what we have in store for the rest of our clients!” says Mark Farrow, Director of Business Development.

This testing ground allowed Teesnap to use all of its resources to see how much it could improve a golf course’s revenue.  Within the first month, Teesnap was able to increase Kingsway’s year over year revenue by a little over $19,000 with an increase of over 750 rounds of golf during the historically slowest month.

This trend has continued month over month.  After six months, Kingsway has increased its revenue by over $101,000 simply by using Teesnap’s built-in marketing abilities and Managed Marketing Service.


You might be wondering how this is possible.  How can Teesnap’s design make that big of an impact on the course’s bottom line?

The answer lies in the secret that is the foundational difference in Teesnap’s design.  Teesnap is a marketing platform that is disguised as a Tee Sheet and Point of Sale software.  When a sale is rung up on the iPad, the collection of data is attached to the customer’s profile.  This data collection allows the golf operator to begin formulating a marketing strategy based on REAL data rather than their gut.  

Not to mention, the process is seamless within Teesnap.  Your staff rings up a sale, collects the name and email from the golfer and Teesnap sends that data to the email marketing solution.  We are truly integrated. The system allows you to market to different segments of your database based on golfer behavior.

Do you have a member only event at the club?  Are you a resort course where golfers only play once a year?  Do you want to reward golfers who spend a certain dollar amount at the club?  Feel like thanking golfers who choose to book online and free up your phone lines with a special?  

These are all types of segments that you can use when marketing your golf course using Teesnap.


In the case of Kingsway, Teesnap was able to pull the bottom feeding golfers from its database.  These are the golfers who only play when there is a deal at the club. Every golf course has them and they have a purpose in the overall strategy.  Previously, Kingsway never saw any of these revenues because they were all trade time users. Their money was going directly to GolfNow to pay for traded services.

Using Teesnap’s design, Kingsway can market to those deal seeking golfers in their off season or when there are slow times using a special promo URL that allows special pricing during specific times of the day.  By doing so, Kingsway realizes all of that earned income!

The golfers who are willing to spend money can be segmented during the peak season with fun activities taking place at the club.  Since Kingsway is located in Florida, segments can also be created using geo targeting that finds golfers from different markets all over the US and Canada.  These geo targeted segments can attract traveling golfers who come to Florida once or twice a year and create a custom email designed just for the traveling golfer.

Creating a marketing strategy is easy when you use Teesnap’s software.

How will you spend your additional revenue when you come off of trade times at your club?

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