iPad Stands

With Teesnap’s new rotating stand, we wanted to focus on mobility for our user experience. While the iPad is docked on our new stand, any user can simply slide the iPad up to un-dock it from the stand to use the iPad on the go. Whenever you are ready to re-dock the iPad for countertop use, simply slide the case’s hand strap down over the stand’s backplate. You can adjust the stand to lower and heighten the iPad to your preferred positioning. Whenever you are running a transaction and your customer is ready to add a tip amount or sign for payment, you can simply swivel the iPad on the stand’s rotating base and then rotate it back towards you to finalize the transaction.

Our new mobile case comes equipped with a built-in kickstand and there is even an option for you to affix the new case to your current Infinite Peripherals stand. Click here to see your options.

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