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When you create an email marketing campaign, one of the most important components is the call to action or CTA. A call to action grabs a subscriber’s attention and encourages him or her to act.

75 calls to action that get clicked

CTAs that encourage a purchase

Shop now
Shop our fall collection
Shop now. Get 50% off.
Shop our best sellers
Act now
Save today
Buy now
Buy now. Pay later.
Buy it today
Yes! I want one.
Order now
Repeat your order
Claim your coupon
Reveal my mystery coupon
Start saving today
Don’t delay. Save now.
See your hand-selected deals
Get 50% off now
Shop for the clothes you want
Get the style you want
Get your winter wardrobe
Get free shipping
Free gift with purchase

CTAs for the holidays

Find holiday gifts
Shop Santa’s favorites
Order now. Get it before Christmas.
Spread holiday cheer
Tis the Season. Donate now.
Claim your birthday coupon
Shop birthday deals
Yes! I want my birthday deal.
Our gift: 15% off

CTAs for content

Learn more
Read more
Curious? Read on
Download the eBook
Download now
Keep reading
Read the full story
Get the app

CTAs for video

Watch now
See the crazy video
Hear from our CEO
Hear her story
See the difference you make

CTAs for events

Reserve your seat
Register now
Book your tickets
I’m coming!
I’ll be there!
Count me in!
Book now for early bird prices
Sign me up
Save me a spot
Register for our webinar

CTAs for service-based businesses

Book your next appointment
Start your free trial
Upgrade now
Yes! I want a free upgrade.
Make me a VIP
Sign up and save

CTAs that focus on results

Find out how
Start today
See how your business benefits
Get results now
Start now. Get results.
I’m ready to see a change

CTAs to collect feedback

Complete our 5-minute survey
Take a survey
Leave a review
Give us your feedback
Let us know how we did

CTAs for social media

Follow us
Stay connected on social
Like us on Facebook


Control your own golf course marketing with Teesnap

Promotional Url’s – Control your own prices

By on January 24, 2018 in Data, Email Marketing, News

We are very excited to be releasing new functionality that will allow you to take control of your own pricing and offer your own specials through the Teesnap technology stack.

Located in the admin portal under Channels, we have created an area where you can create multiple specials for certain tee times or ranges of tee times, create a unique URL for that special, and send it to specific customer segments. Only customers with this URL will see the pricing online in the booking flow.

This allows you to create different offers for different segments that apply to the same range of tee times. For example, you can send all your seniors a special for 10% off the rack rate for a group of tee times. For this same group of tee times, you could send your daily fee players that are 50 minutes or greater from your course and have not played in 60 days a 25% off rack rate. With Teesnap’s flex pricing, promotional URLs and Teesnap campaigns email marketing, this is now possible.

The ability to create unique pricing promotions for different segments is a great tool to help maximize your marketing effectiveness.

Golf Course Revenue Management

Introducing flex pricing by channel

By on January 23, 2018 in Data, News

Teesnap is excited to introduce some great new features that will give you new tools to maximize your revenue in 2018.

Flex Pricing

Flex pricing will enable you to manage your rates and optimize revenues all on your own. You can change prices on a per tee time basis or adjust a group of tee times on the fly. Found in the admin portal, navigate to Channels and you will see three areas available to adjust your pricing: iPad, Partner Portal and Online. This functionality lays the foundation for dynamic pricing. For example, suppose you notice a cancellation on Thursday for a foursome right at the prime Saturday 8am tee time. With flex pricing, you can quickly log into the admin portal and adjust the price up or down. In this example, you might want to raise your rates by $5 because of higher demand for this tee time.

Pricing by Channel
Now you will be able to set different pricing for each channel. The ability to alter pricing per channel allows you to drive customer behavior. For example, if you want to encourage more customers to start booking their tee times online, you can offer a slightly lower rate online than for customers that call in. This feature will be available in the admin portal under Channels.

Teesnap Booth 2909 Pga Show

Meet Brad Faxon at Booth #2909 at this years PGA Show

By on January 23, 2018 in News

Come see Brad Faxon at the Teesnap booth during this weeks PGA show!

See all of the new things we have been working on, so you can improve your business this year!

Guest to Golfer
Group Enhancements
Flex Pricing
Channel Pricing
Bar Code Scanning
Online Gift Card Balance Check
Tip Refunds
Weather Report Integration
New Defector Reporting – Customers
New Email Templates

And Much more!

Countdown to Opening Day

By on January 19, 2018 in News

Teesnap provides many tools for you to send marketing messages to your golfers, one of which is your optimized website. Here is a quick tip to add a countdown counter to your next major function – in this case 2018 opening day.

1. Log into your website.

2. Click on Pages / Homepage

3. Click on Content Elements at the top of the page to the right of Layout Elements.

4. Click on Animated Countdown, and drag it onto the page where you want your counter to display.Teesnap Websites

5.  Click into the animated countdown to reveal its parameters and set the parameters.

Golf Websites

To see what this looks like at Silverlake take a peek here.

Weather Reporting

Weather Reporting Integration – Teesnap Business Intelligence

By on January 13, 2018 in News, Reporting

When analyzing year-over-year revenue performance, there are many factors that can affect your results–the timing of certain holidays, other local events, or promotions you might have run differently the previous year–not to mention any new competition in the marketplace. The timing of some NFL and college football games can have an effect on whether or not members play in club events. However, in the golf industry, the single biggest factor that can affect revenues is the weather. An ill-timed heat wave or a rainstorm can completely decimate what would normally have been a very profitable period for your course.

In the past, the correlation between weather and your revenues was not easy to track. You might have made notes on your financials, subscribed to a service to get weather data, or simply tried to rely on memory when planning your schedule. The information was not readily available. Now, there’s a much simpler solution available. Teesnap has integrated weather data into its business intelligence reporting system.

Now you can see rounds and revenues right alongside temperatures and rainfall amounts on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. No more subjective guesswork on the impact that weather had on your P&L. Spot trends, include it in your reports, refer back to it during board of director meetings. Smarter data helps you more accurately recognize revenue aberrations and plan more intelligently for the future.

“It is so great to be to able see our operating results with weather information integrated. When you are looking back at year-over-year operating results, it’s impossible to remember how bad the weather was during some month from three years ago!” 

Neil Mcgrew
Director of Marketing, Fairways Golf Management

Click to Enlarge

Weather Report Integration for your golf course

PGA Show 2018! We look forward to seeing you!

By on January 5, 2018 in News

We are looking forward to seeing you at the 2018 PGA show. JAN 24 – 26 ORLANDO FL | Booth #2909.

At Teesnap, we know that golf is a game of constant improvement. And the golf business is no different. That’s why we’re constantly working hard to improve and build and tweak and fix to make sure you have the best tools you need for your golf business. From flex pricing and promotional URLs, guest to golfer algorithms, to customer caching and new behavioral data segmenting, we’ve been busy.

Also, learn about our Managed Marketing Services product. If you are too busy to really pay full attention to your golf course marketing, consider letting the experts at Teesnap manage it for you. Take full advantage of the tools we offer you and watch your revenues grow! We had amazing results over the winter holidays! One club grew its online store sales from $7,300 Nov-Dec 2016 to $61,000 Nov-Dec 2017! Let us bring all of the digital marketing aspects together in a cohesive plan for your 2018!

Be sure to stop by and see a year’s worth of our work.

Release Sneak Peak

By on November 11, 2017 in News, Update


Here is a preview of our GUEST TO GOLFER features. These features drastically speed up the reservation and check out process, all while capturing more data for reporting and marketing efforts.

Teesnap’s algorithm learns while you use it!

When booking a reservation the frequent players are displayed.


Select the frequent players who are in the reservation.


From the tee sheet add players 2, 3, and 4 from this view, or search/add another player.


From the reservations details screen, frequent players are also available to add to a reservation. An iOS shortcut, such as swiping left on a player name, reveals additional features.


An iOS shortcut, such as swiping right on a player name, reveals customer notes and profile.

Stay tuned for more improvements and development on the way to help you run your course!

Golf Google My Business

Editing your Golf Course Google My Business Listing – Just got Easier

By on November 1, 2017 in News, Websites

Your golf course’s Google My Business listing is an essential part of getting found in maps and in search.  As you may know, when you come on board with Teesnap we claim, brand and optimize your google listings page for you.  This is a big step in the right direction for your courses SEO and we take pride in doing this for you. However, during this time of the year when business hours change, it used to be tricky to find the settings and make adjustments to your profile.  Google has recognized this and has very recently, unleashed a new feature that makes it easier to manage your My Business listing, right from the search results.

How it Works

When you’re logged into your Google account, search for your course by your golf course name in the Google search bar. When it pops up, you’ll be able to access a responsive new dashboard. This dashboard allows you to add images, edit your information, share posts directly, check on your page views, and more. For most of you the golf course gmail account that was used to claim your listing is found in your master workbook!  If you don’t have that, contact your Account Manager today.

Here’s what the dashboard looks like:

Google my business dashboard right in search

You may want to try this today, check your business hours, update some photos of the club and check your reviews.  Be sure to click on the top right hand corner to drill into your statistics.  You will be amazed at how many searches are happening for your golf course, how many you showed up in, how many phone calls you received.  Its all in there!

If you would like to talk about your golf courses marketing plans for next year please don’t hesitate to contact me at  Lets work together to drive revenues at your course!

Google Small Thanks – Turn your customers into your greatest advocates

By on November 1, 2017 in News, Social Media, Websites

Google recently rolled out a great new product that allows your golf course to turn positive reviews into nice looking posters that can be printed or shared online.  It is called Small Thanks With Google and we like it!  Reviews are a great thing to have, and why not show them off?

These generated posters are free, easy to use, and are another reason to encourage golfers to leave reviews on your golf course Google My Business listing. You can start with the pre-selected reviews, or choose from a set list of your top reviews to create a customized poster. Then you can export for use in your design campaigns or shared directly to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It takes less than five minutes to get an awesome looking design.  You can also print for your business, send in an email through Teesnap campaigns, or feature on your Teesnap website.

Check out some of our Teesnap clients’ posters we created by using this new tool from Google.

Google Small Thanks

Want to Make your own?

  1. Start here:
  2. Search for your golf course name in the search box.
  3. Once you select your location, three auto generated posters of good reviews will be created.
  4. You can select one of them you like and click “Generate Assets”.
  5. If you’d like to customize yours, select “or customize your own”.
  6. When done click on “Generate Assets”.
  7. Then you can download the poster in a PDF for printing and also share to Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.