Don’t Repeat the 90’s

When Tiger Woods hit the scene, golf courses all over the nation experience a massive boom in golf. Everyone wanted to be like Tiger.

Tee sheets were full and golf courses had to do little more than unlock their doors to attract golfers. They could charge what they want and the condition of their course mattered very little.

The boom lasted for several years and then one day it stopped.

Golf courses were left wondering what happened? It used to be so easy to attract golfers and now they were having to compete with Saturday morning soccer and competitive baseball and dance.

The once thriving golf courses found itself with an empty tee sheet and no way to reach out to attract golfers.

Does Any of That Ring a Bell?


Covid has had a similar effect on golf courses. With little else to do, golfers have turned to the naturally social distancing sport of golf.

We are in year two of the Covid golf boom. Are you going to be left wondering what happened to all of the golfers when it’s over?


Here’s some tips to prevent a repeat of the 90’s

  • Gather Golf Data – make sure you can contact them through email in the future
  • Give them Incentives to Play – whether it be a come back coupon or a loyalty program
  • Engage with Your Golfers – your golfers are talking about your golf course online, are you there?

Teesnap Makes it Easy

Teesnap was designed to gather golfer’s information. We make it easy to get the name, email and phone number of golfers 2, 3 and 4 in the foursome. Our frequent player feature allows for easy check in and track-ability.

When the Covid boom comes to an end, you will easily be able to remind golfers that your course is still open. You can segment your golfers by the time of day they play the most and amount they spend when they play.

Plan for the future and let Teesnap help!

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