Digital Golf Scorecard

Easy-to-use Scoring and Side Games

Your scorecard, your rules.

Easy to use scoring and automated side game calculation. The Teesnap Digital Scorecard supports group play for more than 100 players and simple foursome or single play. The web based scorecard link is search optimization to attract more golfers, and includes simple QR scan and score to get the round of golf started.

The digital golf scorecard is the most friendly to use and most similar to the golfer experience when using the old paper scorecard. No login required, no app to download. This is the modern approach to all digital user experiences. Offering this digital scorecard to your golfers shows them you care about their experience, you’re willing to invest in their experience and will help attract new and younger golfers to your golf course.


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Web address with your brand, strategic H1 text and golf course details drives your digital scorecard above competitors and tee time websites in Google and Bing search results.

Your Saturday pot game group – the Thursday lady linksters and all the other groups will love the mathematician we’ve included in the scorecard. It does all the wager math while they play and it keeps everyone up to date throughout the round.

With the Teesnap digital scorecard, 30 people can play in the event, while just a hand-full play in the skins games while a different small group plays a Nassau. Can you imagine the time this saves your golf shop staff?

Your digital scorecard adds to the experience you provide golfers. They’ll love 15+ side games, automated handicap scoring and tracking their putts, greens in regulation and shot accuracy.

Your golfers will enjoy the option to invite their friends to join the scoring and watch the round as a spectator.

Our clients will enjoy an added and new search result when their scorecard is activated.

Provide a Better Experience

Click to see our digital golf scorecard in action.

The digital scorecard is simple to use, with a scan and score feature that makes tracking a golf game effortless. Additionally, golf courses can drive more revenue through ad sales on the scorecard. The digital scorecard also includes a web address with the golf course’s brand, strategic H1 text, and course details, which helps drive the scorecard above competitors and tee time websites in Google and Bing search results.

When’s the last time you asked your golfers to download an app so they can keep score? We believe golfers want to keep score and they love to track their bets and some even like to track their playing stats but they don’t want “sign-up” or “create an account”. That’s why we offer our digital scorecard. Our golf scorecard delivers on our commitment to simplicity and ease of use. We hope you’ll give this new idea a try – it’s part of our movement to making golf more enjoyable.

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