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There are inherent complications with trying to truly own your own technology. While Teesnap believes owning your own technology can be a very good thing, most golf courses don’t have the budget and expertise to maintain their own hardware and golf software solution. This brings up that ‘cloud’ buzzword often thrown around technology based solutions.  Simply offering a cloud based software solution allows vendors an easier channel to continuously develop their software in both functionality and compliance/security updates. Unfortunately, this can often leave golf courses stuck owning and maintaining their hardware and network systems – putting you right back in the IT business.  Teesnap takes a true holistic approach to actually getting a golf course out of the IT business by owning and maintaining both aspects. Furthermore, we took an additional step by also being the vehicle to connect to the cloud, a cellular connection – that we are responsible for. We give you the hardware, which runs the software, which is already connected to the internet – all of which we are responsible for.

The data?  It’s yours.  Your customers?  They are yours.  We are a true IT vehicle that you drive. We consistently maintain, monitor and update all aspects of Teesnap regularly so that you continuously have the best software and hardware solution in the golf industry. It’s what we do.

Back to “continual development” – a phrase that’s been thrown around the golf industry for many years. Unfortunately, technology solutions (both hardware and software) can be outdated in as quick as 6 months. Knowing this, Teesnap came up with a model that allows us to continually develop. By addressing both golfer and golf course wants and needs, we can help golf courses reach out to existing customers and gain new customers with advanced technology solutions.

While we don’t want to uncover everything we are working on, things like Apple Pay and the coming Apple Watch combined with the chip and pin requirement – merchant processors, software and hardware providers are scrambling around to figure out how to bolt on these additions into their existing solution. This is where Teesnap sets its self apart from everyone else in the space.

We look forward to serving you.