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We all know that Groupon does not work very well for selling golf rounds.  Take an already low rate for golf discount that by 50% then give 40% of whats left over to Groupon. This is not very attractive.  But have you thought about using Groupon to bring new customers to your facility in other ways.

Im sure that you’ve heard of Get Golf Ready.  Five one hour lessons in a clinic environment that is designed for new beginner golfers for only $99.  This lesson package could easily be valued at $300, and could work for the model mentioned above.

Golf instructors for the most part are not good at promoting their business.  With your help and guidance through this process an instructor might be very pleased to fill up his Get Golf Ready sessions with 10-20 people in each.  Groupon is designed for shoppers and bargain hunters looking for fun things to do and participate in. These would be new beginner golfers coming to your facility.

Now here is the catch.  You don’t allow for this to be unstructured.  You develop a program for these new customers.  You have beginner golfers coming to your facility for 5 hours of instruction.  What do you do with them?

  1. Make them feel comfortable. Be there as the Owner/GM to say hello and welcome them to the club.
  2. Get them to fill out a form so you can add them into your Teesnap Database.  Full address and information.
  3. Create programs for them to come back and learn even more how to play.  Give them a card for filling out the form for: FREE Rental clubs for 90 days.  FREE Range Balls for 90 days.  $10 twilight rounds after 5PM.
  4. Create a Player profile for them so you can Re-market to them.
  5. Create a beginner league that is after work hours, a scramble format so they don’t have to rely on their own ball. Separate the men and the women on front and back nines. Make it fun with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres after play.  Have a raffle each night….
  6. Re-market to them throughout the year.

Other daily deal websites like Groupon that you can use for a sales funnel of this type:

Living Social
Living Social is perhaps the second most popular daily deal site. It comes next to Groupon. It looks very similar to Groupon and deals on many things, so you have to check the various selections for instant deals. All you need to do to enjoy the deals is to enter your location and you will see lots of deal information appear such as health, food, events, wellbeing experiences, gifts, fashion, as well as products and services will appear to you.

Another good place that you can get a good deal is Yipit. It does not only link to the best available coupons on the internet, it also helps you get things at much discounted prices. The most important thing about this deal site is the fact that it is available for global users. When you join them, there is the tendency that you are going to access the best deals in your area. Anytime you search the keyword, you are going to get the most fantastic results, because it will link you to hundreds of offers available on the market.

ScoutMob is another great place you can get deals on the internet. This site is popular for two factors. The site looks natural and genuine and it can refresh itself making it easier for you to get what you are looking for. It does not disturb you with boring photos and other advertorials you get in other websites. Moreover, the site does not require you to pay for your deals ahead, you can only pay when you have already redeemed it, but you can claim the special.

I think you will find that using this process can be very profitable for your facility this year.  Build some golfers while building your bottom line!