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Don’t you love the Masters!? To many golfers and myself this is the biggest sports event of the year!  Across the country, golfers will be tuning in, and in some cases taking off work to watch the event!  So how do you capitalize on this?

IDEA: Invite them to come to the club to hang out with friends and watch the tournament.

  1. Create a drink special to go along with this.  “Bucket of Beers”
  2. Create a special “Masters Menu”
  3. Have snacks and something special that they don’t expect to get for FREE

Whatever the twist is, get them into the bar and have the sound up on the Masters Coverage TV.

  • USE YOUR WEBSITE HOMEPAGE to tell your customers about this.
  • Blog it to your website – will syndicate to all of your social assets.
  • Email your database.

Check this out!  Easy to do – View the Video to see how easy this is to accomplish.


Watch the Video


Edit the Homepage

Add a Color Section to control the color of this “Band”

Height and Color Settings

Heading Text

Font size and Color of the Text


Hope this creates some ideas for the rest of the summer season when you have items to SELL and PROMOTE!