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Its that time of year where if you are located in the North operations are winding down and our courses in the South are starting to ramp up for season.  Below is a shortlist of things to be considering this time of year.

1. Black Friday, Cyber Monday sales.  Start to think about what and how you can sell items, bundles of items, or any of the products at your facility through your online store!  Read the article – Capitalizing on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

2.Christmas Gift Cards.  Just because you might be closed that does not mean that your cash register can’t be ringing!  Drive some sales through your operation over the next few months!  Don’t think that one email blast does the trick.  Create a drip campaign. Simply this means sending out various emails regarding your Gift Cards at varying times and days over the next 8 weeks!  Lets get creative! Read the Article.

3.Use all of your Teesnap assets for marketing.  Change up the branding of your website this time of year to reflect the Holidays.  See some samples from last year.  Post your offers and specials on your blog (syndicates to social footprint).  Send Email blasts, and make them re-occuring.  Boost the posts on Facebook and LinkedIn to golfers in your City that are not in your database.  Also boost the post on Facebook and LinkedIn to your custom audiences (your own database).

4.Turn off email automated journeys that are not applicable if you are closed.  If you are closed or won’t be in a position to service the offers in your journeys such as Birthday offers or Thank you’s you might want to turn off these journeys.  You don’t have to delete them you can just shut them off and bring them back online in the spring.
Email Marketing

5. Audit your operations. Are you walking the walk or just talking the talk?  Make sure that you are executing on the ideas and service levels you have.  Call a management meeting with key personnel and go over the performance of the club.  Examine service, audit the numbers, look for ways to improve.  If you are about to go into season, get the team ready for action, with a focus on service and quality.

We look forward to the rest of this year being your partner, lets have a great final quarter!

Remember to have fun and enjoy
this great industry we are a Part of.