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When it comes to Teesnap and why our courses decided on them, it really came down to the ability to market on a smarter and more efficient level while also increasing our reach. The ability to capture a customer’s contact information directly at the counter or online and immediately have them plugged into Teesnap’s email platform is seamless and valuable. In just our first year of having Teesnap, we more than doubled our email subscribers from 12,000 to 29,000.
Today, we now have triggers installed within our email marketing that allows us to automatically reach a customer before they play with an offer / tee-time reminder and product plug, after they play with social media links and asking for feedback. Heck, we even contact a customer who’s played in the past but hasn’t in a month and does not have a tee time. Tools like that, which bring revenue to our facilities and increase our bottom line, are invaluable.
Beyond the fantastic email experience, our websites are easy to manage and look better than any public courses in our area. But that’s not all – with our online store, online booking and the ability to reach customers through email, our online stores combined for more than triple the revenue that they did in the past.
Simply put, we’re all in business to maximize our revenue and offer the best product(s) we can. With the help of Teesnap’s point of sale and online marketing tools, we can do both on a far better level than the rest of the industry.