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This season offers an ideal opportunity to look back on and celebrate achievements while also planning for a more successful 2024. As we assess the marketing efforts undertaken by Teesnap Golf Marketing Services alongside our golf course partners, our goal is to highlight the marketing strategies that helped Hidden Trails Golf Course increase online sales, enhance course events, and foster relationships.

Increased Membership Sales

Course Events | Hidden Trails Golf & Country Club

Hidden Trails Golf & Country Club prioritized listening to each and every golfer’s recommendations to improve current and new memberships for 2024. Hidden Trails offered an amazing social membership special to drive more business to the course.

Greater Relationships

Course Events | Hidden Trails Golf & Country Club

Hidden Trails Golf & Country Club is committed to keeping its members active and involved in club activities. They organize a range of weekly and monthly events such as Sunday and holiday brunches, dinner nights, and member-exclusive events. Attendance has notably risen from 2022 to 2023, and they are now seeking to incorporate additional social events into the calendar for 2024.

Gary's Wednesday Night Dinners
Valentine's Day Member Dinner
Sunday Brunch

Teesnap Golf Marketing Services assists golf courses in utilizing marketing strategies to reach their revenue and customer retention targets. While recognizing that not all marketing approaches are suitable for every brand, we aim to highlight some of the innovative methods that contributed to Hidden Trails Golf & Country Club’s exceptional performance in 2023. Our Teesnap Marketing Advisors are available to develop tailored ideas and transform your concepts into reality. If you’re short on time for marketing efforts, rest assured that we possess the time and expertise necessary to assist you in accomplishing your objectives.