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Over night one of our newest clients uses all of its tools for a promotion and immediately sees the largest traffic day they’ve ever had.

Results in Less than 24 hours

461 visitors on their site 74% of which were new visitors.

Teesnap Golf Course Marketing

We are proud to have partnered and on-boarded Foxfire Golf Club located in Lockbourne, OH last week.  This course is a family owned mom and pop golf course that is taking back control of their marketing and taking it seriously!

They came up with a simple promotion and took quick advantage of all the tools in their Teesnap arsenal to promote it.

1.  Used Teesnap promotions engine.  They came up with a name for their promotion and created a Promotion in Teesnap admin that shows the staff the promotion in the shopping cart.  This creates the tracking needed to measure and track the promotion and takes the guess work out of what the rates are for the staff.

Teesnap Promotions


2.  Used their Teesnap Website.  They then went to their Teesnap Website and added a headline banner across the top of their homepage utilizing the highest traffic page on their website to get the word out.

Foxfire Homepage


3.  Used their Teesnap Blog to syndicate.  Next, they went to their Blog/News section of their website and posted about the special.  Creating the trigger to post to all of their branded social marketing channels through Teesnap Social Syndication.

Foxfire Blog


Teesnap Facebook Marketing

Golf Marketing Teesnap


4.  Used their Teesnap DATA.  They went into their Teesnap Database and made sure that they had queried all of their targeted subscribers to send to.
5.  Used Teesnap Campaigns.  They went to their Teesnap Campaigns email marketing software to create and send a targeted email blast to their customer base.  They crafted the email to be simple and lead customers back to reserve a Tee Time on the Teesnap booking engine.

Teesnap Email Marketing

Take back control of your DATA.

Take back control of your PRICING.

Take back control of your Golf Course MARKETING.

You don’t need to have someone else do this stuff for you.