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When analyzing year-over-year revenue performance, there are many factors that can affect your results–the timing of certain holidays, other local events, or promotions you might have run differently the previous year–not to mention any new competition in the marketplace. The timing of some NFL and college football games can have an effect on whether or not members play in club events. However, in the golf industry, the single biggest factor that can affect revenues is the weather. An ill-timed heat wave or a rainstorm can completely decimate what would normally have been a very profitable period for your course.

In the past, the correlation between weather and your revenues was not easy to track. You might have made notes on your financials, subscribed to a service to get weather data, or simply tried to rely on memory when planning your schedule. The information was not readily available. Now, there’s a much simpler solution available. Teesnap has integrated weather data into its business intelligence reporting system.

Now you can see rounds and revenues right alongside temperatures and rainfall amounts on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. No more subjective guesswork on the impact that weather had on your P&L. Spot trends, include it in your reports, refer back to it during board of director meetings. Smarter data helps you more accurately recognize revenue aberrations and plan more intelligently for the future.

“It is so great to be to able see our operating results with weather information integrated. When you are looking back at year-over-year operating results, it’s impossible to remember how bad the weather was during some month from three years ago!” 

Neil Mcgrew
Director of Marketing, Fairways Golf Management

Teesnap has integrated  AerisWeather API data into its business intelligence reporting system.

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Weather Report Integration for your golf course