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We’re excited to share some great news about Teesnap’s progress in enhancing our payment solutions!

As a leading provider of golf course management software, we are proud to announce the progress made in our enhanced payment solutions rollout. We have moved from Beta A1 to Beta A2 and successfully installed our new payment solution at The Virtues Golf Club in Ohio.

Our Teesnap team recently visited several golf courses in Ohio and installed new payments equipment at The Virtues Golf Club. We’re thrilled to say that the installation was a success, with The Virtues staff immediately using the new equipment and workflows to deliver an excellent golfer and diner experience throughout the week. The week’s events included an unexpected surge in golf traffic, a Thursday member dinner bash, and a Friday fish fry.

Our enhanced payment solution offers golfers a streamlined checkout process, providing a quicker and simpler way to pay while increasing customer satisfaction. At the same time, we have taken steps to ensure the safety and privacy of customer data.

Our Business Analyst, Greg Blackwell, shared his thoughts on our progress, saying, “We are thrilled to see the success of our enhanced payment solutions rollout. The move to Beta A2 and successful installation at The Virtues Golf Club is a testament to our team’s dedication to providing golf courses with the most advanced, user-friendly, and secure payment solutions possible.”

We are excited to continue rolling out our enhanced payment solutions to more golf courses this Spring. So, stay tuned for more updates on our progress!