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Press Release

LAS VEGAS August 3rd, 2021 – Teesnap is pleased to announce several key additions to the team as the company prepares for significant growth, key product enhancements and strategic partnerships. Teesnap’s team is expanding and we are proud to welcome three pivotal team members to the management team; Jay Warnock, Director of Business Development, John Black, Director of Marketing,  and Rajan Shah, Director of SE & Architecture.

Jay is no stranger to the Golf Industry and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has held a variety of senior roles with EZLinks, Supreme Golf, Course Trends and Active Golf. Jay’s passion for the industry is unrivaled and he loves to see his clients compete and win. “I have been watching and observing Teenap since their inception,” said Jay Warnock. “I was impressed with the ease of use and the mobility of their software. Their views and vision for the industry are aligned with mine; they provide technology and marketing services that drive revenue and streamline the day to day activities of the golf professionals. I am excited about the opportunity that Teesnap has to help golf clubs through our partnership with them.”

John is a digital media expert and has an extensive media agency background and has worked on brands including General Motors, EMI Records & MGM Resorts. John’s ability to identify new revenue streams and automate sales funnels is unparalleled. John Black commented “The future at Teensap is not only exciting for my own career, but for the Golf Industry as a whole. This is the most exciting opportunity I have seen in a long time. Teesnap’s platform provides a seamless golfing experience, allowing courses to have better relationships with their customers to increase revenue in all aspects of their business.”

Rajan has been blazing trails in Fintech, data, banking, mobile, and owning his own cloud based business as well. Rajan will bring his wealth of knowledge to build out dedicated software and infrastructure teams as Teesnap begins a new chapter to supercharge our innovation engine and deliver truly meaningful development for our customers.

Rajan has a history of truly defining the problem to be solved and Teesnap is prime to continue to disrupt the space and not copy the same exact thing as everyone else.  “I see massive opportunity to disrupt the golf course engagement process and Teesnap is at the forefront with mobility and adding more enhancements with AI and behavioral analytics to drive greater profits for the courses” said Rajan.  “That’s why I joined the Teesnap team.” Since Teensap’s relationship with Teleo Capital began, Teesnap has been preparing for the future with these new hires and there are more to come. Teesnap is investing heavily on a new hosting environment, reporting, and all new features and enhancements that will further continue its separation from our competition. Along with those additions, the company also continues to research opportunities and relationships with partners to drive key functions that help our customers even more.  “I’m very pleased to have such great additions like John, Kevin, Jay & Ragan join the team,” said Jason Copley, CEO, Teesnap. “Teesnap revolutionized the golf space by providing a product that not only looked and functioned differently, but also outperformed the competition.  As we have enjoyed such fast paced growth, Teesnap is in the final stages of shoring up the business to grow to a whole new level and provide an even better experience.  These key additions will be integral with their experience to make that happen.  This is just a small part of all the new and exciting additions for Teesnap in 2021.  We can’t wait to talk about all the other changes coming soon with our product, offerings and hardware that will solidify Teesnap’s future to help our customers thrive.”

About Teesnap

Teesnap is a fully mobile, cloud-based ERP system focused on actionable data collection for business intelligence reporting. Teesnap’s platform provides for one single customer record across POS, reservation, CRM, member management, automated email marketing, and food & beverage, all reported through holistic dashboard reports. This enables clients to more accurately market to customer behavior to influence spending habits. Teesnap’s integrated automated marketing solutions are based on real-time customer behavior touch points. Teesnap also provides Managed Marketing Services and Managed Accounting Services for customers which helps create and execute digital marketing initiatives along with strong accounting data to better manage their time and resources. For more information on Teesnap, please visit

John Black, Director of Marketing

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