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There are a lot of buzzwords that get thrown around these days without a whole lot of explanation as to what they actually mean.  “The cloud” is one of those terms you’ve definitely heard (unless you’re still using dial-up, or live in a van down by the river). So what exactly is “the cloud” and where the hell is it?

Simply put, the cloud refers to software and technology services that are based online as opposed to locally on your computer. They have a physical location in that they are stored in servers, and can be pushed around the world to wherever you need it to be. That means any information you save (in the cloud) will be available anywhere you can access the internet. No more dealing with files left at home or hauling around those easy to lose usb flash drives.

Now let’s turn to Teesnap. Teesnap is a cloud based (there’s that fancy term again) Golf Course Management Ecosystem. Our solution enables you to run your entire course through an app on the iPad. We provide you with the iPad’s and that have the option to run on 4G cellular data, just like your cellphone. The accessibility and familiarity afforded by this creates some great benefits for your golf operation.  For the first time ever, your point of sales and reservation system becomes an asset to you, not just an expense.

This is a big customer service shift. Customers who upgrade to include a cellular data on their iPads create a mobile environment. With your POS system now mobile, you will
no longer be tied to WiFi or a desktop computer.  With Teesnap you’ll have all your tools, everywhere:  you aren’t limited to forms of payment; 100% of our tools are mobile… meaning you can accept gift cards, AR, club credit etc. You can go anywhere on your property with your POS and tee sheet in-hand. The starter, bag drop, and beverage cart all have the Teesnap application running. Real time tee sheets and shopping carts and customer relationship management will empower your employees to quickly service guests wherever they are on the property.

When you upgrade to a cellular plan, you have many benefits. WiFi goes down, Cellular does not. And let’s face it, WiFi can be quite temperamental. If in the unlikely occasion that Cellular does happen to go down, the iPads are programmed to default to 3G, then 2G and so on. Long story short, you’ll be covered.

No more computers or servers required for your golf operations.  We actually get you out of the IT industry – which rids you of all your technology headaches and costs you have been laden with for the past 20 years.

We’ve often been asked about PCI compliance.  It’s interesting because it should have never been an issue for you to being with.  With Teesnap, have no fear – we are PCI compliant.  Always have been and always will be.

Our platform allows us to quickly change, improve, and update. Our updates are currently coming out every two to four weeks.  This allows us to constantly innovate and update your software.  No IT required.  It’s an app – no different than your phone – it automatically updates.

The information you gather through this tool is invaluable in your marketing efforts. Having this wealth of information at your fingertips allows you to market directly to your consumers, based on their behaviors, triggers and trends. We help you take control of your customer base and move beyond the bartered tee time system killing the golf industry.

Stay informed via Teesnap reports on where you’ve been, where you are, and where you are going.  Teesnap’s business intelligence tools displays your golf courses’s rich data in beautiful and power ways to better add clarity to the road ahead of more profitability.

Our ecosystem is comprised of:

  • iPads running your Course Management Application
  • A web-based Administration Portal for managing your back office setup.
  • Your own Online Booking Engine and a custom mobile-friendly website.
  • Access to Teesnap Campaigns, your course’s unlimited email marketing solution.
  • Teesnap Reports, your connection to your results and trends and business intelligence analytics.

Are you still wondering what the point of this is? Teesnap is a service partner providing you all the technology, marketing, and business intelligence information to make you more money.  Cast your doubts aside while we look at the facts of how easy and painless it is to make the switch to Teesnap:

We DON’T believe in contracts,
We DO believe in providing great products and no-hassle service.

We DON’T steal your tee times, customers or undercut your prices.
We DO believe in partnerships where we are as motivated as you to help make you more money.

We DON’T build software from 15 years ago or offer rotary phones and fax machines.
We DO continuously improve our software with a fervent, user-focused methodology.

Email: [email protected]