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When considering your Golf Course Management Software, it’s important to address the design of the Tee Sheet Templates. Golf course revenue management is derived directly from its tee sheet. If your tee sheet isn’t designed well, then you are losing money.

Let’s take a look at some ideas for Tee Sheet Templates that will help you be successful.


Ease of Use

Teesnap’s tee sheet design allows the golf operator to set the green fee rate based on the profile of the customer. This takes the guesswork out of the pricing structure from the counter staff.

Once the tee sheet is set up correctly, you can use the copy/paste function to copy tee sheets over from one day to the next or from one year to the next. Its versatility makes it easy to set up multiple types of tee sheet templates.

Shotgun templates work well for signing up players for a tournament. Set up an override with a shotgun template. Using Teesnap’s channel pricing, you can force a prepay option for only the shotgun template. This makes a simple way to have sign ups that are forced to pay based on their profile for the golf tournament or league that is booked inside of the shotgun template.

Online Pricing

To maximize your revenue management and lower your call volume. Your golf course should consider offering a discount when booking online. Our simple Channel pricing feature allows you to set up unique pricing for online booking, third party or a promo URL that is for a specific group of people.

Raise your regular rack rate and keep your online pricing the same. Teesnap golf courses who use this strategy see a drastic increase in their online bookings. Many have an online booking rate higher than 75% which drastically decreases their call volume.


Many courses had to change their tee time intervals in order to accommodate for Covid-19 regulations. Most landed on the sweet spot of 10 minutes intervals. Most courses who have a low utilization score can afford to increase their minute interval. 

10 minute intervals have become very popular among daily fee golf courses because they help with pace of play and equate to an easy tee time for the golfer to remember, so they are more likely to show up at the correct time.

Private clubs and more difficult golf courses should have higher intervals to accommodate pace of play and player demand.

Pace of play has long been an issue with golf, so selecting the right interval is important for more than just your bottom line. Golf Digest had an article in 2014 addressing tee time intervals and pace of play.

Hot Deals

Some golf course management tools receive payment for their software based on Hot Deals. The golf course point of sale discounts one or more tee times in exchange for services.

Golf courses like this method because they don’t see an out of pocket expense on their profit and loss statement.

When switching to Teesnap, the golf course can continue to run its own Hot Deals. Unlike other tee sheet software companies, Teesnap allows the golf course to keep it’s deal that it ran as well as the data of the golf course.

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