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Is your club using social media?  The answer likely is yes – “we are using facebook and try to post on it regularly with club news and events”.  You’ve assigned a social media guru at your club to take care of this for you or you are trying to do it yourself.  You regularly update Facebook weekly with fresh news and pictures.  They look nice and you are pretty happy with the results.  You have grown a nice following on Facebook and many members and regulars like, comment and share your content.

However, you are missing the boat.  Each time you are creating status updates and posting on facebook you are neglecting your most important marketing asset your golf course website and all of the other social media platforms customers use.

What we recommend and teach at Teesnap is that you should post to your websites blog and control all of your social assets from one spot, your website.  Save time, saves money, while widening your reach.


We have designed our websites to API into not only Facebook but many of the other popular social sites like Twitter, Google+, Blogger,, Tumblr, Delicious, Diigo, and many more.

What this does:

  1.  When you post to your website its makes your website 1 page larger.  It shows Google that your site is getting fresh content and regular updates.  Google loves and favors larger more authoritative websites.  So POST, POST, POST about golf, news, events, and FUN.Social media syndication system by Teesnap
  2. With your Teesnap Website, we have set up a branded Tier 1 network of social properties called web 2.0’s that accept this content on autopilot.  So when you post content on your blog it gets syndicated out to your network immediately.  This does several things.  It expands your brand’s reach on the web.  It creates inbound traffic to your website.  It creates valuable backlinks from high domain authority and page authority websites.  This helps your position in the SERP’s (Search Engine Ranking Placement).  Your SEO rankings.
  3. Your customers will become more engaged and you will increase the number of marketing impressions they receive.
  4. You are now controlling MANY from ONE.
  5. You are now having impact on your SEO.
  6. You will see more traffic to your website.

Here is an example of one of your clients that is taking full advantage of this functionality.

Their website went from about 50 pages indexed in Google to 88 pages.  All of the content is great golf content including club events, club news, club sales, and promotions.

Golf Course SEO


If you are a Teesnap client that currently is not utilizing our website functionality or you are utilizing our website functionality and would like to learn more.  Contact me here.

Email: [email protected]