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Want to get more reach for your Instagram posts? You can now promote them in the Instagram app, similarly to how you boost a post from your Facebook page wall. First, you must make sure that your Instagram account is a Business Profile and not a personal. (Learn how here)

Simply tap on a post and tap on the Promote link.














First, you choose your call to action.











Then choose the button text for your button.











Now you’ll set your audience, budget, and duration of the promotion. Note that the audience can be automated or defined by you with the following demographics.

You can customize your own audience as opposed to letting Instagram take the wheel, or do a little testing to see which option gets the best results.

Once you’re finished, you’ll get a chance to review your promotion settings, add your payment method, and then submit your promotion for review.

Once accepted, your promotion will begin running, based on your setup and configurations.

While your promotion is running, or anytime after, you can go to your post on Instagram and click on the View Insights link to see if the promotion is still running and what the results are.