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Posting to your Teesnap website drives an SEO process of auto-syndication to your Branded Tier 1 network.  We’ve set up your social media sites and have connected your blog to all of those sites. Any time you post to your blog, our process automatically posts the content and a link to your blog post on all of your social media accounts. It’s a truly automated complete marketing solution for your club!

A Complete Content Marketing Solution

All you need to do is POST, POST, POST! Add content to your blog regularly, so that all of your social media accounts also get updated regularly and your customers stay up-to-date. Don’t be shy.  Post on your blog about all of the things going on at your club!

Did you know you can post from your cell phone?  Posting from your cell phone makes it even easier to capture those great images and videos of golfers, holes in one, tournaments, new staff, activity in your bar, new guests, weddings, banquets and more.

Automate Your Site’s Search Engine Rankings

This system is designed to drive constant inbound traffic to your club’s website, extends your reach on the web, gets your message out in front of all of your customers, and creates valuable backlinks from high domain authority websites. This totally automated system creates tons of SEO value and works together to improve your site’s rankings in the search engines, helping new customers find your club and existing customers stay updated.  See how our automated marketing system works to grow your business here.

Got A Smartphone? It’s Even Easier.

Watch the video here to learn you can easily update your blog right from any Android or iOS phone:

You can also watch the slideshare here: