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Plan ahead for the 2023 Golf Season:

Have you checked these off your list?

Is your golf course closed or maybe seeing more flurries than golfers? If so, it’s the perfect time to do some “digital” housekeeping. The PGA Tour is heating up and that always gets golfers excited and thinking about paying you a visit. They’ve begun looking at golf course websites, they’re thinking about their 2023 permanent tee time and the two extra buddy trips they want to take this year. So it’s not time to relax, it’s time to dig in and prepare for a great 2023 selling season.

Set yourself up for success by planning ahead. Here are 3 tips to help you prepare for the upcoming golf season.

  1. Clean up your website

If you haven’t poked into the backend of your website, now is a good time to have a look. It may have outdated tournaments, events, or rates throughout the pages. Maybe your operating hours need to be adjusted or maybe, just maybe there’s still a Christmas ad banner on your website.

     2. Plan your schedule of events

We’ve all heard it before: Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Your golf season will be so much better once you select your dates, plan your promotions, and set up online registration. Sure, your golfers will bring you lots of events but what about hosting and promoting 2 or 3 on your own? We can help but if you want to go it alone, now is the time to prepare for those golf events.

3. Plan for your big promotions

Just like planning for all of your upcoming events and tournaments, it’s best to plan ahead for your promotions. Father’s Day may feel like a long time away, but it’ll be around the corner before you know it. Plan ahead by deciding what your promotion will be, even if it’s only online or encouraging tee times. For this year, think about adding a Cinco de Mayo golf event. May 5th falls on a Friday – we have ideas for this – call us 😉

We love building your golf marketing campaigns with our golf marketing services team

Hand off your marketing duties to us!

Courses utilizing Teesnap’s Golf Marketing Services have their own Marketing Advisor assigned to them! The Advisor works with you to plan your events, promotions, and more. Not only do they help plan with you and keep you on track, we also have an in-house team of skilled digital marketers to execute the strategy for you.

Yes, you read that right. We create the content, wait for your approval and feedback, and then push it out for the world to see.

DID YOU KNOW: Golf courses utilizing the Teesnap Black Friday promotion service saw great success on Black Friday! On average, these courses enjoyed more than $10,000 in online sales for the holiday. Golf courses with sales in 2021 saw an average increase of almost $4,900 from the previous year.

Learn more about how golf courses benefit by using GMS:

Email Marketing

When you take time to grow your email list, beautiful things can happen. It’s an essential tool for converting sales because it allows you to reach out to your loyal fan base. Remarketing your golf course and events to your loyal fans is a great way to grow your golfer share of wallet. If everyone in your email database spent an additional $40 with you, in 2023, would that equal be worth more than $100,000, $150,000, maybe more?


Automation is not only a great way to communicate with your regulars, but it’s great for communicating with new leads that have found themselves on your website. We have the ability to set up email automation triggers that fire based on the actions of your consumers. For example, if you want to email a Wedding Guide to those who fill out the wedding form on your website, we have the ability to do so! Don’t lose those leads because you don’t respond in time! Here’s a list of other great golf marketing automations to set up:

  1. Birthday Club Offers
  2. Tee Time Notifications
  3. Club Credit Reminders
  4. Membership Renewals
  5. Monthly or Weekly Dinner Specials


Another great perk about our email tool is that we have the ability to segment your email list! What does that mean? Since we are a data-driven company, we can choose which golfers get certain emails based on their customer profile (last played date, member status, time of day preference, etc).

If you want your Ladies League email to go to women only, we can do that too! If you need to re-send an email to non-openers for more reach, we can do it.


Wish you could discount certain tee times, without advertising to your full email database? Channel pricing is a great way to do that. Any Teesnap course can utilize this feature; however, when you are a GMS course, your Marketing Advisor will create a promo URL for you. Once the unique link is created with the discounted tee time, we can segment the email promotion to only send to certain golfers. If you’re trying to fill a tee time in the morning, it’d be a great idea to target golfers in your database who typically golf before 11am.

Learn more about Email Marketing and Teesnap Campaigns on our website:

Learn More About Teesnap Campaigns and Email Marketing

Golf Course Website

A Teesnap, optimized website truly delivers. In today’s world, having a website that adapts to all devices, including mobile, is a must-have. Teesnap offers a solution that combines a responsive design with seamless tee time booking and an online store, all in one place.

Learn more about Teesnap Websites:

Learn More About Teesnap Websites

Social Media Marketing

Let’s upgrade your golf course social media presence. We design and schedule your social media posts for you! Whether it’s fun golf memes to generate more engagement, creating Facebook events, or posts about your upcoming tournaments – we’ve got you covered.

Learn more about Golf Marketing Services:

Teesnap unlocks important data. It’s time to reap the benefits. Teesnap’s Golf Marketing Services (GMS) provides intelligent, full service marketing solutions at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

The General Manager at Ohio’s #1 public golf course, The Virtues Golf Club, provided this testimonial for Teesnap’s technology and marketing service:

“The system is easy to use and the support staff is always available to help if we run into problems. The marketing team is absolutely the best I have ever dealt with and takes a huge burden off of us and keeps up with social media, emails, and marketing ideas.”

Learn More About Golf Marketing Services