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During the most recent release, we updated our rounds report dashboard to be more insightful for your business. Your rounds report now shows incredible insights into who, where and when your customers are coming from and what they mean for your business.  The top 6 elements of the report are outlined below.

Teesnap Rounds Report

Here are the top 6 aspects of this report you might want to look further into at your course.

Day of Week and Hourly Summary

Quickly see where your peak times are for any date range. Utilize the drop-down menu on the top right-hand corner to view data as:

  • Rounds
  • Daily Fee Rounds
  • ADR
  • Greens Fee Revenue



Profile Summary

Who are the golfers that are represented in my rounds counts? In your profile summary, you will be able to see who is coming to the course and how often.

Player Profile Summary

Rate Type Summary

View insights as to where your play is coming from.  See quickly if channel overrides, group overrides, profile pricing or discounts add up with respect to the total rounds count.

Rate Type Summary - Golf Rounds Report

Channel Summary

See how many tee times are coming through your booking channels.  Via iPad = Phone-ins and walk-ups.  Via Web Booking = Teesnap online Booking Engine.

Channel Summary - Rounds Report

Rounds Per Golfer

Vie your total rounds by how many rounds played per golfer in groupings.  Quickly determine how many top customers are providing all of the repeat business.  Your most profitable customers.  In the example above 4,097 customers or 90% of the guests, this year have played 1-5 rounds. Moving just half of them to repeat play just once could mean another 2k rounds for this year.  Now that you can identify this group of customers, isolate them and create automated email marketing customer journies to entice them out for that extra round of golf this year.

Rounds of Golf by Customer

Member Rounds vs Daily Fee Rounds Utilization

Quickly find your most profitable hours based on member vs non-member participation. In this case, an operator can quickly see that on weekends members are playing early and Daily Fee is dominating the 8am to  12pm tee times.

Member Rounds of Golf Played Distribution

We hope that you enjoy the new rounds report dashboard, and utilize it to grow your business. If we can assist you with ideas on how to better utilize the power of Teesnap, please reach out to your Account Manager. If you are having issues getting your marketing together to grow sales, please don’t hesitate to contact us about Managed Marketing Services program. Our courses enrolled in this program are up YTD an average of 10% in revenues and 20% in rounds of golf.

Thank you from all of the staff at Teesnap.

Helping Courses Thrive!