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2018 was a great year for Teesnap. We became the first golf technology company to offer full-service marketing support to our partners with the  introduction of Golf Marketing Services (GMS for short). By the end of 2018, over 200 courses were taking advantage of this new offering, allowing us to leverage our industry knowledge to implement smart digital marketing programs. Clients are realizing the benefits of growing their data and the powerful marketing capabilities that Teesnap enables. GMS clients’ customer databases grew by an incredible average of 96% in 2018.

Our growth with this service has been tremendous because operators are realizing they are too busy  to execute on their marketing plans in a meaningful way, while also focusing on operations. We are stepping in to help our courses build a solid plan around all marketable activities at their clubs. We manage clients’ websites, blogs, online stores, social media, and paid social campaigns, all in accordance with the strategies established in our yearly planning sessions.

We’re not stopping there. We continue to make improvements to our software and are adding several more team members in order to service our GMS clients effectively. During this growth, we have been maintaining our narrow focus–to help our clients thrive by matching their richer course data with a solid, actionable marketing plan for the entire year.

We are in the middle of working through these planning sessions right now with our GMS clients. For our existing GMS clients, please attend our primer webinar that will focus on the 2019 season and your upcoming planning call.

Register for Tuesday, Feb 12th at 2:00pm

Year-end GMS Client Performance*

GMS Clients


Average Year-Over-Year Rounds Increase

GMS Clients


Average Year-Over-Year Revenue Increase

* We achieved these numbers despite very poor spring and fall weather for our northern courses. Compare rounds increase versus 2.9% for non-GMS Teesnap clients and the industry average of -4.7% in 2018.

View the Golf Datatech report »

Other Key Metrics

GMS Clients


Increase in Total Email Campaigns Delivered

2017 – 2,363 campaigns
2018 – 8,715 campaigns

GMS Clients


Increase in Total Emails Delivered

2017 – 7,110,421 emails
2018 – 36,146,804 emails

GMS Clients


Increase in Email Clickthrough Rates

2017 – 49,522
2018 – 270,798

GMS Clients


Increase in Unique Website Visitors

2017 – 225,163 unique visitors
2018 – 391,212 unique visitors

These numbers help illustrate the power of Teesnap’s data collection capabilities when paired with our Golf Marketing Services team.

We look forward to serving you in 2019!