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“Zip Code Autocomplete” was included as part of our recent 2.4 release.  This is an exciting simple but powerful feature.  When you add a zip code into a customer record Teesnap will auto populate the City and State fields.  This is a very quick way for your staff to start collecting better data on your customers.

Adding this into your operations training will prove to be a very valuable marketing tool for your course in the long run.

It will enable you to learn where your customers are coming from to better understand them creating the ability to target market, based on location.

Watch the video:  How to use Geo-Targeting with Teesnap Campaigns.

With our new Tableau reporting environment, you will notice some very powerful data on your customer including a visualization of where they are coming from.  In this graphic, you can clearly see the Northeast and North Central locations.  These are transient golfers traveling to Florida for winter golf.  For me, this triggers some marketing campaigns that would include seasonal AdWords programs targeted at these areas of the country when they make sense for stay and play, or “Home away from Home” marketing initiatives.  This club is doing a great job at data collection that enables this report to be useful!

For more information on how to better utilize your Teesnap tools to drive revenue please contact Account Management.