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Teesnap is excited to introduce some great new features that will give you new tools to maximize your revenue in 2018.

Flex Pricing

Flex pricing will enable you to manage your rates and optimize revenues all on your own. You can change prices on a per tee time basis or adjust a group of tee times on the fly. Found in the admin portal, navigate to Channels and you will see three areas available to adjust your pricing: iPad, Partner Portal and Online. This functionality lays the foundation for dynamic pricing. For example, suppose you notice a cancellation on Thursday for a foursome right at the prime Saturday 8am tee time. With flex pricing, you can quickly log into the admin portal and adjust the price up or down. In this example, you might want to raise your rates by $5 because of higher demand for this tee time.

Pricing by Channel
Now you will be able to set different pricing for each channel. The ability to alter pricing per channel allows you to drive customer behavior. For example, if you want to encourage more customers to start booking their tee times online, you can offer a slightly lower rate online than for customers that call in. This feature will be available in the admin portal under Channels.