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We’re a golf course point of sale platform powered by people and technology.

Our clubs rely on Teesnap to save time, create a better experience for their customers, and gain a competitive advantage through big data and smarter business intelligence. With golf courses located all over the United States, big and small, we have a wide range of experience in providing our clients with customized experiences.

It’s always fun and exciting to get new and shiny equipment, but that’s just the beginning. We’re here for our clients way past the demo and installation. Our team looks forward to showing you all of the ways you can utilize our tools to grow your revenue, provide ease of service for golfers, and give yourself more time at the end of the day to not worry about operations.

So, how can we help your course run smoother while generating more revenue?

Point of Sale

When you think of mobility, think of us! As you may know — Teesnap is a Golf POS that allows you to do anything, from anywhere. This allows our clients to dramatically improve the experience offered to their customers. Want to check people in at the bag drop? Or, want to process food and beverage sales on the course? Done and done.

Golf Tee Sheet

Teesnap is built for speed and ease of use. With a native tablet app and the option to have always-on cellular data, your people are no longer tethered to a counter. Everyone now has access to the pulse of your course.

Food & Beverage

Our simple and easy-to-use food and beverage system makes it possible for all employees to use! Save time on training on confusing POS systems, and see how we simplify the process! From bundles to billing, to tickets and tabs, everything you need to keep things running smoothly can be found in Teesnap.

A Modern Website

Teesnap’s websites are built for a good customer experience. Whether it’s converting your existing website or creating a whole new one, we can take the stress away for you, while making sure everything is up to code. In addition, our web experts are qualified in best SEO practices, allowing your rank in Google and other search engines to improve organically.


Data can be essential for a variety of reasons, like watching your tee time traffic, but it is also important because you can easily store relevant information about your customers.

A wide range of essential reports are built in, including: Sales and Cash Overview, Pricing and Utilization Activity, AR, Tips, Remittance, Journal Entries Sandbox, Bookings & Customer Info, Rounds, and Sales Summary. You’re able to roll multiple course reports together or drill down individually.

Email Marketing

If you’re struggling to grow your database, our email marketing tool is proven to help. Its intuitive design is easy to use for all ages, whether they’re a new or seasoned employee. Take advantage of the power of Teesnap’s marketing tools by sending emails based on golfer behavior or profiles — like their specific zip codes, gender, and more.

Don’t bother your whole email list with information not relevant to them! Our email marketing tool allows you to segment based on your desired audience.


We help with that, too.

Need help with carrying out the logistics? We highly suggest GMS and MAS, which are our programs that help take important duties off of your hands. Our skilled marketers and CPAs are here to help guide you on a better path of planning, organization, and execution.

Golf Marketing Services:

Teesnap gives you smarter data. It’s time to reap the benefits. Our Golf Marketing Services (GMS) provide intelligent, full-service marketing solutions at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. Learn how GMS clubs see an average of an additional 8% return.

One of our customers located in Ohio, The Virtues, goes on to rave about how our Golf Marketing Services are beneficial to them:

“The system is easy to use and the support staff is always available to help if we run into problems. The marketing team is absolutely the best I have ever dealt with and take a huge burden off of us and keeping up with social media, emails, and marketing ideas.”

Managed Accounting Services:

Having issues with your accounting department? Not getting accurate, timely financial statements for your business?  With Teesnap’s Managed Accounting Services (MAS), you will have all of your accounting headaches taken away. Have your entire accounting solution managed by us and lower your costs.

Ready to see what Teesnap can do for your course?

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